How does this look??

  1. Could this be an everyday bag. look ? btw this is me and the keepall that was mine and will be again soon

  2. its a bit big for an everyday bag...the keepall defintiely looks like a luggage type of bag...
  3. It's kind of large.. my coworker has the carryall and I think it looks much better as a manbag.
  4. Use this one going to the airport :tup: ;).
  5. A tad too big...and IMO it does not look good carried that way...
  6. I agree it is a little too large for everyday
  7. Same here..a tad too big.
  8. way too big for an everyday use.
  9. Depends on what you use it for. For books, school, workout or travel it's great. To run around town, a Speedy 30 would probably look better. Love it though.
  10. Is that the 50? I think you can get away with it - I use the 45 (would SO love a 45 Keepall in Damier sigh) quite regularly as an everyday bag for uni.
  11. oh man I'm at work and all pictures on this forum are blocked from loading :sad: lol

    Can somebody please describe how he's wearing the bag?
  12. Too big for an everyday bag IMO. But I love it, it's a perfect bag for travels!!!
  13. I LVoe the look on your arm so it depends if your stuff inside jingles.!!!
  14. Would make a great travel bag......unless you need that much room on a daily basis !!
  15. everyday bag ? I guess if you need to carry your house with you. No really, do you need the space of that keepall everyday ?

    I guess I could see using it as a work/gym bag. having everything you need for the day but as a so called handbag no!
    I think a carryall would serve better or a speedy 35.