How does this look?? My 1st bbag ever! Daphne emailed these of her. thoughts??

  1. This will be my 1st bbag ever!! I wanted french blue but they seem to be sold out everywhere so i have decided on grass green, my 2nd choice......I am getting a city with regular hardware. How does it look? too veiny? thoughts please!
    DSC03668.JPG DSC03669.JPG DSC03667.JPG
  2. I can't see any pics!
  3. try again..sorry! first time uploading pics on here as well
  4. I can see them now!:yes:Love you new bag!:love: Congrats, Lizz66!:yahoo:
  5. Can u post pics again? Can't see too!
  6. I think it looks great...:nuts:
    But do remember that new bags are coming soon.. The blue Ocean looks like it is to die for!!! So if it's blue you want?? :shrugs:
  7. Thanks! i hope I love it!! I told her that i like the veiny distress looking ones as long as they arent too much....I have seen some GH grass greens that are just WAY too veiny for my liking and then I have seen some aquas where there is no distressing or veins at all which i dont like either so hopefully this will be a happy medium!
  8. hopefully this will work this time
    DSC03669.JPG DSC03668.JPG DSC03667.JPG
  9. [​IMG]



    Great color as i love the VG (grass green) even though the leather is a bit veiny...well, i'm not bothered abt's still a gorgeous bag...congrats:yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Too veiny? Are you kidding!?
    She's just distressed and wrinkly. She looks smooshy and beautiful:heart:

    She's absolutely perfect!!! I personally LOVE distressed leather as I think it gives *character*...but if you don't like it, you can moistualize the bag and that takes veininess away.

    Congrats on a beatiful baby! I :heart: grass green!
  11. Love it! It's really gorgeous.
  12. I think it is just a matter of taste, however, I happen to love the super distressed look. Not so much veins, but, more wrinkly. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it appears to looks great!!! Love the color btw!! :graucho:
  13. I too like the veiny distressed look, your new bag is HOT! Congrats and enjoy. Can't wait to see more pics when you get her!
  14. YUMMY!!! :drool::drool:This bag is beautiful!!! CONGRATS on your VG!!
  15. Congrats, I love the brightness of grass green. Don't forget to post pictures when you get her!!