How does this keep happening?

  1. W-T-F???:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    Seriously, how does this happen?
  2. LMBO! EXACTLY What I was thinking when I saw this on the news last night! LOL!
  3. Hate to say it but I think some people are publicity junkies at the risk of the their child. Ever watch America's Funniest Home videos, some of those are fake.
  4. I find it hard to believe that this kid managed to squeeze into the machine in the time it took Granny to turn away just long enough to get another dollar bill out of her purse. So the answe to the question would be, "this" keeps happening because people aren't watching their kids!

    Last year 2 black bears at a local nature park here in VA had to be euthanized because a kid climbed over the guard fence, stuck his fingers through the wire, and got bitten. Where in blazing blue hell was the kid's mother?? Turns out, she climbed over the fence with him!! This kind of irresponsible parenting is outrageous. That kid should've had to receive the rabies shots and the bears should've been spared, IMO.
  5. The openings on those awful prize dispensing machines are large enough for a smallish toddler to get in, but I agree with the rest of you--WTH are the adults doing while the kid is climbing into those things?
  6. That's not even the first time it's happened in Wisconsin. Something must be in the water. :P
  7. Because toddlers and little children are attracted to these things. Especially pools

    Hence -- there is something called the children attractive statutes -- that are enacted to impose liability, well it makes it easier to impose liability
  8. I think this is the third time it has happened overall, but it's the second time in Wisconsin. The first kid crawled up into a machine at a Wal-Mart store, I believe. Maybe it's wrong to laugh, but I couldn't help it when I see the picture of the kid sitting in the machine playing with the toys like it's no big deal. :lol:
  9. Two words-- parental supervision!!!!!!!
  10. Omg :wtf: how did the child have time to climb in without being noticed?
    the grandmother should have been holding the child's hand, I never take my eyes off my daughter when we go out =/
    and if her hands were busy the child can hold onto her dress/skirt etc.
    for saftey reasons cause you never know what could happen.
  11. These are the times that I think bad parenting is a great term to use...
  12. kid didn't get stuck in a machine...but he got stuck under one a few months ago...It was here in HK at out version of Chuch E. Cheese, and I was with my 3 son who is 9 thought he saw a token under one of the machines, and before I could say "NO", reached under to get it and got his arm stuck!! It was one of the huge machines with the tokens that are pushed off...probably 5 foot around with about 6 spots to play the game...and the people didn't want to lift it because of all the tokens balanced precariously...needless to say...they ended up having to get like 6 people to lift the machine off of my son, who was fine...and there wans't even a token under the machine!!! He also has had his hands stuck in an elevator...and again I was right there with him...he had both of his hands on the elevator door, and when it opened, his fingers slid back into the door opening...that was really took about 15 minutes to get him out, as the elevator shut itself down when foreign object (my kids fingers) got stuck in the door!! he was SCREAMING out of fear....and I was a mess!!! He ended up being fine....but again, it was a situation I never thought would happen...I swear, you thinkk that you know all the things to worry about as a parent, and then you get new stuff thrown at you! And I promise guys....I am a really good Mommy!!!
  13. It is pretty funny. I don't know about the bad parenting. We all know that kids do the strangest things at time, in the blink of an eye.
  14. Yikes! I don't know whether to laugh at the kid playing with all his favorite toys, or to get mad that parents/caretakers are getting careless!