How does this ebay situation work?

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  1. I bought a pair of jeans on ebay about a week ago. I paid for the jeans and then extra for the shipping. I received them and am just not happy with them. I sent the seller an email stating that, and she replied that she'd be happy to refund my money, less the shipping costs. My thoughts are that I paid the shipping costs to begin with and am paying to ship them back. Am I missing something?
  2. I think it depends on the situation...if you're returning the jeans because they don't fit correctly or because they aren't what you're looking for, you should have to pay shipping (just like any online retailer charges shipping). But if the jeans were of inferior quality or had some sort of defect with them, then she sold you a poor product, and she should have to pay shipping.
  3. ^ I agree. You are quite fortunate the seller is willing to return.
  4. The seller doesn't have to refund shipping if they don't want to. It's ethical to do it if the probalem is on the sellers end, if it's just becuase you don't like them, then it's on you.
  5. Right... if you are returning because of some inadequacy in the seller's listing (wrong size, inaccurately represented quality, etc...) then the seller should refund shipping. But if you are returning because you just didn't like them, then you would pay shipping. Just like with a regular retail establishment.
  6. It's pretty standard.
    Most people do not even accept returns, even most online retailers don't pay your return shipping.
  7. I know what you are getting at. But, my question is that I paid for the shipping initially and am paying to ship them back to her. Why would she refund my money less the shipping costs. She hasn't spent anything to ship them at all. Do you see my line of thought?
  8. That is how on-line purchases work. The buyer pays for shipping and typically the buyer pays for return shipping if the item does not work out.
  9. we do see your point and it's rather frusterating, but it's depending on the sellers policy. You could always try reselling them yourself.
  10. i see your line of thought, but what she's doing is quite standard, and most sellers don't take returns at all. if you filed with paypal, you might be out of luck. if you're not happy spending the shipping money, sell them on ebay yourself. :smile:
  11. Yeah, we see your thought, but it's just not the way it works. not even if you order through Neiman Marcus.
  12. I think I am not cut out for ebay. Too much crap for my liking. Thanks for all of the input, I feel less violated now. Still violated, but less so. :worried:
  13. I understand, it's not for everyone.
    But you do realize that if you buy something from or and choose not to keep it, you have to pay to ship it back and they won't refund your original shipping, right?
    It's really no different.
  14. I know that it is the same, but I don't think of it the same way. I guess because NM or wherever ships by FedEx or UPS and this seller charged $15 to mail something through the USPS that cost her $5 to ship. Whatever, though. I should be happy I'm not stuck, I suppose.
  15. Yeah, it's important to always check on Seller's shipping prices - some Sellers really gouge Buyers there. It should've been closer to 6 bucks to ship adult jeans.
    I can't stand Seller's trying to make such a profit on shipping.
    I'm a Seller, so I can understand a $1 or 2 for the trip to the P.O. or for suppies, but not more than that.