How does this Diamond Look to you?

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    2.3ct I SI1 Round H&A (Hearts and Arrow)
    AGS Triple Ideal (Triple 000)

    Brilliant Scope/Gemex:
    White Light, Color Light and Scintallation Very High (the Highest)

    The Stats:
    Shape:RoundCarat Weight:2.30ctColor:IClarity:SI1AGS Cut Grade:Idealest GIA Cut Grade:ExcellentAGS Light Performance:IdealOptical Symmetry:SuperiorPolish:IdealSymmetry:IdealFluorescence:NegligibleGirdle:1.58%Culet:NoneLab Report:AGSLab Report #:8732904In House:YesWidth:8.52mmLength:8.54mmDepth:5.23mmTable Percentage:56.43%Depth Percentage:61.32%Crown ∠:34.05°Crown Depth:14.72%Pavilion ∠:41.05°Pavilion Depth:43.36%Upper Girdle ∠:42.30°Lower Girdle ∠:42.21°
  2. :love:
  3. +1 !! :drool: :love:
  4. It looks like a very well cut stone :smile: but the colour has warmth to it, so if tint bothers you, you might want to think about going up a colour.
  5. ^ I agree. You may want to stay in the G-H range.
  6. looks fantastic! On a stone cut that wonderful, you'll never see color in it, definitely not by looking at at head on.
  7. Gorgeous! I'm color-sensitive, so I would go for a whiter stone, but drop down in clarity. You can't beat the cut of this stone, though. Do you know what setting you want?
  8. Try and stay in the G's for color and V's for clarity.
  9. That is a GREAT stone in a sweet spot! I like an eyeclean SI1!!! The I could be a tossup. I personally prefer G-H but I's can be pretty darn white!
  10. I love it!! soo pretty! And, I agree with Swanky, if you get it set and it is well cut, you wont notice it head on.
  11. This looks like a very beautiful stone. Personally, I would go up in color (if color sensitive or like to view stone on its side) and up a notch on clarity, like VS2. I feel with a stone this size, clarity is very important.
  12. VS2's look like SI1s when looking at them w/ your eye and not magnified:yes:
  13. on paper it sounds like a magnificent stone. i didn't look at the price but considering the size and cut i would venture to say it may be costly. with that said, wouldn't you like to see more pictures of the stone in a natural setting?

    ^i agree. clarity is the least important to me as long as it's eyeclean. for e.g., no feathering, smudges, faint/thin lines, etc that are visible to the naked eye.
  14. The Stone is completly eye clean, and very very white. I watched the stone next to an H and G and I couldn't tell the difference. For me because the stone is Round Shape I can't tell the color as much if the diamond was Square shape.
  15. I have an I colored stone almost 4 carats, this I stone you found will be fantastic!
    Are you getting it?
    What setting are you considering?