How does these

  1. Sorry,,, How do these.. I meant to say> open/ attached to your keys,
    I would like to get something to attach to my handbag but i'm worried about how they open. I dont want to scratch the brass on my bags.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. On the pic of the first one, you open the part on the bottom with the little part sticking up and on the second on, it's just like the pochette extender; you push that little part on the top backwards to open it. I wouldn't worry about the big round part unless you plan on putting keys on it, because that's what that part is for. And really, I don't think it'd scratch the brass much, if at all. Just don't leave it on ALL the time. No matter what though, brass will get little scratches on it whether you know it or not, so I wouldn't worry about these doing much damage.
  3. that is the part that i'm wondering about (sorry if i wasnt clear) that part you put the keys on?

  4. Your keys go on the round bit, it pulls out and twists around to put keys on, then twist it back closed and they stay on. The other parts spring and release to go on your bag, belt loop, ect. I use these things and haven't noticed any damage on the hardware. Hope this helps.
  5. I guess i'll have to see one and decide.
  6. it's great for keys, but i think it would be a pain to attach/unattach from a bag numerous times a day.

    to open: there is a "pull" on the round part (the ring). you pull up and it opens in a clockwise direction until there is enough space to slip your keys on (or in your case, attach to your bag)