How does the Twiggy look~yes or no?

  1. Here's some pics of me with it on - and the last one is my little Peanut with the Twiggy lol (I had to throw him in there) :love: :nuts: :amuse:

    I'm really on the fence about it To me it looks too big for my frame - plus with my stuff in it, it's hard to put my arm down over the bag when I use the handles, and I don't like carrying it using the shoulderstrap :cry:

    She might be going on the Marketplace!!! The color's so stunningly pretty! My favorite I think.

    Thanks girls :idea:



  2. I think it's a beautiful bag--the glare from the camera gets in the way a bit, but from what I can see, the size is great on you. Are you used to small bags? I found larger bags seemed "huge" on me at first, but now that I'm used to them, I love them. It's great to have room to put stuff!!!

    Peanut is really cute too!!!
  3. Twinklette, It is a gorgeous bag...and you look absolutely gorgeous...but you do not look comfortable... Now, that could be related to the challenge of taking bag in the mirror it a sign that you might prefer another b-bag shape/size?
  4. Yes! Twiggy rules on all shapes and is unique. I only use the strap when I need to carry something with both hands. Many bags that are popular for Spring/Summer are large so Twiggy fits right in.
  5. love the the kitty for sale too?
  6. SoCal I think it's because I was trying to take the pictures and make sure everyone could see the bag with all my hair and the glare lol! I love the city style though...maybe it's a sign that she's not for me? Confused :sad2:

  7. No way!! He's my baby :nuts:

  8. Twinklette, I don't think she's too big for your frame and the color is gorgeous!!! But I've just learned that if you don't love it, you just don't... :sad: Might be better to let it go and find something that you LOVE.

    P.S. Peanut is so precious!!! ;)
  9. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the twiggy on you!!! Please post in my thread (wearing your balenciaga bags!) I love how it looks big with the unique shape (but I love big bags)

    how tall are you?

    Anyways, I personally think you should keep it - and then sell it when a rose city comes your way.

    ...but if you're not absolutely in love, then you should totally give it a new home!
  10. Oh Twinklette,
    I think you look really great with this bag. I really dont think it looks too large at all. And the color with your hair color is soooo pretty!
  11. Twinklette... I think it looks a bit too big in 1st pic..., but not in other pics... but the color is TDF.... hope it helps....
  12. Oh, Twinklette! I think the bag looks great on you! It's just beautiful! The color is amazing! I can see why this would be a tough one for you! Peanut is just adorable! ;)
  13. I think it's very pretty! However, if you are not nuts about it you should consider finding it a new home and get a bag you truly love. That's my two cents.
  14. Mimi I'm only five feet...a shortie :love: I think it looks too big from the side?? Gee, I just don't know...

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

  15. hehe! your cat - peanut is so cute!!! and your b-bag is so yum!!! i must say if you're not loving it - i think you should sell it! i totally love the twiggy - it holds heaps of stuff and i find the shoulder strap fits quite well and much more comfortable than my City..... i dont think the shape is bulky or anything like that.... but im total fan - so i'd just say anything for you to keep your b-bag! but at the end of the day YOU have to be 100% in love and happy with your bag!
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