how does the tax work?

  1. Hi,
    i am sorry if this thread does not fit into the forum.. please feel free to move it =)
    i purchased my chanel from NM in Atlanta when i was in Alabama and they shipped it to me with no tax.
    The sa told me that it was because there was no NM in the state and thus, they can't charge me tax for it.
    so now, i am thinking of purchasing another bag which is either going to be the miumiu bow bag or the chanel satin cabas( if it comes in) and i was asking if there was going to be tax if it is going to be shipped to me in Tucson now and the sa said that it depends on where the bag comes from.
    hmm...... i do not really see the difference or know what she meant.
    can anyone help with this question?
    thank you in advance :smile:
  2. Tax is supposed to be charged only if there's a store in your state/state they're shipping to, shouldn't matter where it comes from so much as where it's going.
  3. thank you!
    so now i know.....'
  4. Saks also does not charge sales tax on gifts so if a sale is rung up as a gift there is no tax.
  5. Yeah, I live in Chandler, AZ and there is a Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale, so I get charged tax, and it's big-time tax too!