How does the RM Nikki make your shoulder feel (?)

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  1. I did a search and couldn't find much on this topic but I was wondering, how do you Minkettes feel about the weight of the Nikki? I have a Wine Nikki and I :heart: it to pieces. But whenever I use her, I feel like she's SO HEAVY on my shoulder. I wouldn't take her out shopping with me because all the times I did, it gave me shoulderaches at the end of the day.

    I asked my bff (lovelydays) last night "hey, do you like the RM Wine Nikki I got you?" and she said she loves it, but I later asked her about how she HONESTLY felt about the weight of it. She replied "well, it is a big bag and sometimes it does get in the way but I agree, it is a bit heavy".

    So I'm wondering, is lovelydays and I the only ones who feel that the RM Nikki is too heavy? OR maybe she and I just carry too much stuff? :Push:
  2. For me it depends what I have in the bag. If I load it down then yes, it's heavy. But otherwise I don't think it's especially heavy.
    I also think the leather matters too, b/c my Concord Nikki is especially light where as Choc. is not.
  3. I load mine up and it's still comfortable to me :shrugs:
    then again, I think I've grown immune to the weight of my bags at this point :sweatdrop:
  4. I do think that there's a slight difference between the different leathers -- some thicker, glazed, thin & light, etc. -- plus it's all relative. One way to tell if your nikki is heavier is to compare it with your other bags (all empty). I only have one nikki, the purple patent, and I think it's light. Now, my wine mattie, on the other hand, feels heavy.
  5. I no longer have mine, but when I used my Nikki it never hurt my shoulder. Maybe I'm just used to much heavier bags lol
  6. Thanks for all your input :smile:

    Maybe it's the leather.. it's just when I use my MAB, MAM & the Matinee, they don't hurt as much.
  7. I no longer have my wine nikki, however it never hurt my shoulder when I used it! My BBW MAB was 10x heavier it seemed like to me! Do you feel the difference between your Nikki and your MAB/MAM's?
  8. I agree. . . just depends on the leather. My Navy Luxe is like wearing nothing, but my Wine Nikki can be a bit heavy. For a big bag, I still think it's one of the most comfortable I've used.

  9. I do!
    I feel like the MAB/MAM & Matinee are much more comfortable for me.


    But despite the fact that it hurts my shoulders, I :heart: the Wine Nikki.
  10. I thought the Chocolate was one of the lighter leathers, it's not? I pre-ordered Chocolate. . .

  11. ^ mum :nuts: there's a CHOCOLATE NIKKI PRE-ORDER?!?!?!

    *runs off to find the thread*
  12. *uh oh* LOL! Luna Boston and Three Sirens had the pre-order. . . got mine coming from Three Sirens.
  13. ^ OH! It wasn't a Special Order?

    What hardware and lining does it have? Oh my.. geezus... @_@
  14. Well. . . no one really knows for sure (both at LB and TS). They THINK it will come with blue and white lining and gold hardware.
  15. The weight of the nikki does make me a bit nervous, I'm just getting into bigger bags but the shape and style is just TDF. I've decided I must have one and soon! Gold on Chocolate sounds delicious!