How does the reissue hold up compared to CF?

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  1. :faint::drool:65 bags.......I'm still speechless and recovering from this........
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  2. +1 ditto here!!!
  3. May i see your collection 😨😨😨😨
  4. Wow! 65 Chanel bags?! Awesome!
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    Hi I know this is a very old thread. I came across it as I'm having the same question when deciding whether to get a 226. Since it's been a little over 3 years since this thread first started, I'm thinking people might have more to say on how Reissue holds its shape.

    I understand 2.55 is designed to be more "organic" than CF but every time when I look at preowned reissues on websites like Fashionphile, those shapeless bags full of creasings really scare me (I might be exaggerating but you get the idea :smile:):

    Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.27.31 PM.png

    Personally i think it's a bit ridiculous to pay over $6000 for a bag that will lose its shape after a couple years even if I don't overstuff it & store it properly.

    This is probably going to be my last Chanel bag :heart: Really appreciate any input you might have!
    (It would be even better if you have a photo with your current reissue & let me know how many years you have it)
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  6. am waiting to see the eyecandy that is 65 chanel bags.
    must be a heavenly sights
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  7. I am also in the the same boat as you. I would love to see how reissues owners now can compare their bags plus years later, and if they are happy with the shape now or regret the purchase? TIA!
  8. My large 227 reissue has held its shape just fine. I have a small classic flap and it is SO structured that I doubt I would enjoy it on a larger scale (i.e.: the Jumbo). Too big and boxy. But that's just me. I looked at many, many reissues online before buying mine. I believe that the saggy, lopsided bags just haven't been properly cared for. Take the time to stuff and properly store your bags, and they should look fine!
  9. I have the 227 and 226 which have retained their structure. Thru are great bags that complement my classic flaps
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  10. I've had my two Reissues (225 and 226) for a few years now and they have both held up. Granted, I rotate my bags constantly, so they aren't used daily, but they are some of my most regularly used Chanels. I lightly stuff them when they are stored and they both still look 100% brand new. I think a lot of the loss of structure in Reissues is due to not being properly maintained (overstuffed, improperly storage, etc.) or them being used to death. It also seems that the larger sizes (227-228) are more susceptible to losing structure.
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  12. @MIffy27 I would like to see a pic of the 65 Chanel bags! ;)
  13. Please take a look at my Reissue 226 reveal. It was less than a year old when I bought it.
    This is my 5th Reissue: I have two 227s and now three 226s. I do plan to use a base shaper to avoid sag.
    This sheepskin leather is by far the sturdiest. My other 226s are metallic calf and the 227s are aged calf. I think it highly depends on the type of leather and how you use and store your bag. The Reissue or 2.55 bag is the original Chanel that was introduced in February 1955 (2/55) get it?
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  14. My reissue in lambskin still looks brand new and that’s because I barely used it in the last seven years. Although I went shopping with a friend a few days ago, who brought her seven year old reissue and the bottom definitely looks saggy and lopsided. I think getting a base shaper might help.
  15. May I ask you why you don't use your reissue much?
    And yeah the lopsided look as well as the sags on both sides near the bottom are really bothering me, and even make me think that reissue is probably not for me :-s