How does the reissue hold up compared to CF?

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  1. Has anyone had the reissue in distressed leather or CF in lambskin or caviar for 5+ years? How does the reissue hold up in comparison to the CF? I am interested in getting one or the other but when I saw the reissue in store, it was misshapen (dented with creases), which I understand is due to the packing method of folding the bag. But on preloved websites, the reissues all look like they have loss of structure compared to the CF.

    Trying to buy a bag for a lifetime- any thoughts on this issue?

  2. I am watching this thread with interest as I have the same questions.

    I love the 226 reissue in distressed black with ghw. I love the quiet luxury, it's lightness, the less likelihood of visible scratches, and how it isn't as boxy as the classic. It fits my style perfectly. While I think classics are beautiful, I think I'd personally feel a little self conscious carrying a classic flap.

    However, the reissue has only been around since 2005 and many of the reissues on the preloved sites give me pause. I see a lot of bowing and creasing at the front bottoms of the bags, especially. In other words, quite a bit of structural loss. Not all, but enough that it gives me pause. And definitely many more misshapen reissues than classic flaps on preloved sites...
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  3. Those are the same reasons why I decided not to get a reissue. When the SA showed me one in the boutique, DH and I both cringed bc it looked so bad, like a pre-owned bag that was returned or something like that. The SA said it was normal, that it's just the way it's shaped. I wasn't impressed. I also saw the following videos, which confirmed my fear:


    I like that CFs keep their structure, especially the caviar ones, so I think I'm gonna stick with them for now.
  4. The only structural wear/loss I notice on my older reissue is slight bowing at the base- it is very hard to notice it. This seems fairly common with the reissue. Other than that, the structure has held up well. I always have it stuffed and standing upright in a dust bag when not in use, so maybe this helps. I understand your concern, however, some of the prenowned reissue bags have significant structure loss. I would say that the classic flaps hold their shape better, if in the caviar leather in particular.
  5. I have both and have never experienced any structural loss with either though I think mine are slightly less than five years old. I typically carry an LV epi long wallet, makeup bag, phone and keys. The ones that sag like that must be toting lead balls!
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  6. The bag is as heavy or sag coz of what you put inside the bag. Also, since it's the original Chanel bag it's suppose to look vintage. If that makes sense.

    Try both at the boutique. Take pictures for yourself so you could marinate on the idea for few weeks. Good luck.
  7. one of my reissues is nine years old. It still looks awesome. I think if you really look after your bag, like you will never overstuff it and make sure that you wipe off the dirt and dust and store it properly it will still look good in many years to come.

    I have seen some really awful classics myself and I often.wonder how a bag can get to such a state when others still look good even when.they are well used.

    I also want to say that the name classics is very misleading. the classic bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 80s. The real Chanel bag (for me, haha) is the 2.55, otherwise known as the reissue. I have no classic in my collection and I have more than 65 Chanel bags. I love Karl but I prefer the 2.55.
  8. 65 Chanel bags :faint: and all reissues? WOW! Heaven!! :loveeyes: :cloud9: :heart:
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  9. I just died after reading this, I'm speechless:love::girlsigh:
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  10. Please show us!!!!!
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  11. thanks everyone for your input! i was looking for a 225 in black distressed leather and rhw and finally found it after months of searching. but when i tried it on in store, i liked the structured look of the CF more. so ended up with a CF today!
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  12. 65 Chanel bags!!! You are hell of a lucky lady!!!! Wishing you many years in good health to enjoy your amazing collection!!! Cheers!!!!
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  13. I tend to agree with other ladies, I think that sagging and structure loss has to do more with what you put in your bag than with how old it is. I think that if you never overstuff your bag to a point that you have to strain to close it and do not carry overly heavy items any bag will be fine. I never have any structure problems or sagging with any of my Chanel bags or with any size ( Boy, 2.55, or classic flap)
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  14. My mouth is till open!!! 65 chanel bags? Wow wow and wow!!! Would love love to see a family pic!!! What an eye candy that would be[emoji7][emoji7]

  15. +1... Don't rush! These bags r too costly to have regrets!