How does the price increase work?

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  1. I tried on a lindy bag in my local store about 2 months ago. I know that they still have that bag in stock. So with the new price increase if I were to go and buy it today would the price have increased? I can't remember exactly what it cost when I looked at it the last time
  2. I don't think there was an exact percentage increase as some items went up by 6% and others 10%
  3. My understanding is that the price will have increased. I don't think Hermes keeps the old prices on existing stock and only apply the price increase to new stock.
  4. Matt is definitely right. The stores re-tag existing stock with new tags listing the new and increased price. I was told that leather goods increased by 8% a couple of weeks ago, but there seem to be varying reports on the exact amount.
  5. MattNY is almost certainly correct---if you live in the US (or one of the locations where the prices went up)--the new price will be in the computer and that is what you will pay.
  6. Sorry, lilyhermes, we must have posted at almost the same time! I didn't intend to repeat what you said!