How does the monogram canvas "age"?

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  1. I am a newbie to the LV community and want to know how the LV monogram canvas ages. I know the vachetta will patina, but want about the canvas? Do the LV's will contrast or fade some? Any pics or descriptions? I am interested in a vintage look.
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  2. The canvas ages beautifully. It barely changes at all. Corners may show a little bit of rubbing over time but it's hard to see on the mono canvas. Very old canvas (20+) can become a bit stiffer.
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  3. The oldest piece I have is an 18 year key holder. It looks brand spanking new! The only difference I notice in the canvas as oppose to brand new is that it gets somewhat of a sheen to it. My new pieces always look more matte.
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  4. Here is a bag from 1987:smile: It still feels soft and nice, but its also leather lined. This is the Cartouchière Mm
    The key I think is to use your bags. I feel that monogram softens with use and also stays soft. Keep it stored in its dust bag as dust will stiffen the canvas up faster. Dust=enemy to all things.

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  5. My favorite Mono bag, the PDV, looks great; it develops a beautiful shine. However, I only have one Monogram wallet and the monogram is chipping off, but it doesn't bother me that much.

    I highly recommend the monogram.
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  6. I don't have vintage from the 80s or 90s. But I think canvas ages well at least for the items I've had for a while now. It seems to have a bit more shine to it as it ages. I don't see any chipping.

    I've had my petite bucket and papillon 30 for over 12 years now. The canvas still looks great. I used the papillon regularly for years, not so much lately. With the pochette that comes with the bucket - this item I used daily for 10 years. Since about 2 years ago, it's used 30-50% weekly depending on the bag I use. It really has been through a lot.

    For reference, I took a pic of the following to get an idea of the difference which is not much. (Sorry for the bad lighting.)
    -12 year old bucket
    -- Bucket bag's pochette (which I use to death in my other bags)
    -12 year old papillon (with the charm in the pic)
    -1 year old favorite
    -1 year old cles

    hth :smile:

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  7. By chipping I'm just talking about the yellow part rubbing off to reveal the brown, which you can see in your picture. It's nothing major, just something for OP to think about. :smile: Nice collection btw :love:

  8. That is impressive for 12 yrs.!!!
  9. I have monogram small leather goods from 2000 and they are still beautiful, functional and hardly look any different from when they were purchased. I think monogram canvas ages beautifully. On bags with vachetta, you do have to take proper care with them as their patina develops, but with care, they should have longevity and get better with age!
  10. I have pieces which are around 12 years old and been used a lot. The canvas is fine on all of them. My wallet is quite shiny but that's because it's stuffed into pockets etc. I wipe my canvas with a damp cloth to clean it.
  11. I notice the canvas has changed in the last year or two, the older canvas ages beautifully, my newer canvas items are under observation, I guess we'll see...
  12. Monogram print ages beautifully & so much better than the Damier ebene print!
  13. It can lose some of it's structure too
  14. Yes, and it also seems to vary by model. My new Speedy B mono has canvas which is definitely thinner than the Speedy I had 20 odd years ago. The canvas is also stiffer and a little more shiny. On the other hand, one of my friends has a Delightful and her canvas is thicker, more matte, and slightly rubbery.
  15. My canvas monograms all look like new except for the straps. I have one pochette with a strap that has come unglued in one place. I am now buying Damier instead because my Damier Hampstead MM straps are so much easier to care for and wear well.
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