how does the mini lin wear?

  1. for those of you who own mini lin, how does the fabric wear? does it pill, snag, etc? is it tough/durable? thanks! i love the look, worry about the durability.
  2. Mine has worn great. Still looks brand new. However I only carried it for about a month!?! I don't have any pulls or anything in the fabric!?!
  3. I am so happy with my Mini Lin Boulogne. The fabric is beautiful. No problems at all and I carried it for at least a month every day.
  4. my mini lin bucket looks great! I have used it almost every day since the first day I got it. still looks brand new to me.
  5. Does the mini lin speedy sag more than say a damier speedy? :confused1:
  6. Yes, but I put a catalog in the bottom and it doesn't sag at all then!! :yes:
  7. Actuallly it's tougher than I exepected. I didn't want this line before but now I am loving it eventhough the speedy is saggier than the rest of me speedies.
  8. ^^^ I was just about to praise the line given your feedbacks but now that Nita mentions the "sag" factor, I think I'm going to have to re-think this one :s
  9. I put a cardboard mailing envelope in the bottom (someone here suggested a FedEx one) and it sags a bit but not too much. Love the bag! :love:

    I've carried it everywhere for about a month (shopping, ice hockey, etc.) and it's held up beautifully. I actually get more compliments on it than my Damier Speedy or Musette, including two in the last few days.
  10.'s saggier than normal speedy but I get use dto it now..
  11. when i bought my speedy... there were some very minor pills in the fabric which had me worried...
    but after owning if for about 2 months now, it looks the same as the day i bought it... and its been used in the rain, packed environments and such too!
  12. That is normal - it is made with linen.
  13. I'm thinking of getting a speedy. I'm really liking this line.
  14. I love it!! Hoping to add it to my collection soon:smile:

    Does anyone know when the new Mini Lin color is coming out? I think it is called 'Khaki'??
  15. does it look too similar to the Damier speedy? Are the handles the same choc brown?