How does the Loeffler Randall Matilde boot fit? Need sizing help.

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  1. Does anyone know if the snakeskin matilde fit exactly the same in sizing as the leather ones?
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    Just wanted to share my new black matildes from Revolve (:heart: Revolve!). A little bit gapey with tights but perfect with skinny jeans. Hard to get a boot that you can wear both ways and I think these are pretty good. Also I'm only 5ft2" in case any one was wondering about the shaft height. Great boots - try to get them on sale :yes:


  3. I got my black ones on sale(discount code) at Revolve them!!!!!!
    Thanks for posting pics:flowers:...(now I don't have were a few that were curious of the height..:smile:
  4. I have both & the sizing is the same HTH
  5. Please post pics...I wanna see :yes::woohoo:

    Apart from the height, someone asked me about the circumference - I got 14" around the top of the boot in case anyone wants to know and the thickest part of my calves is 13-13.25" (well I've done all the measurements thought I may as well share :biggrin:)
  6. Ladies!!! HELP!

    I just won an auction for patent camel matildes for $140!!!

    I bid on the 6.5...

    I hope they won't be too small!?!?! EEEEEKKK!!!

    I'll tell you what sizes I wear:

    For uggs I wear a size 5
    For Louboutins I wear a 37.5 in the boots
    For Louboutin heels I wear a 37 in the VP's but I could fit a 36.5 in simples.

    The ones I got for $140 are used, so probably stretched out.

    I wear a size 6 in aldo heels as well and I wear a 6.5 in Steve Madden.

    I believe my US size is a I ebayed 6.5

    Do you think that will be okay? I hope they aren't too small.

    I ordered a 6.5 in a pair of Report signature boots and those were too big....and I just fit size 6 Sam Edelman Zoe boots.

  7. Uh oh. I wear super duper thick towel socks constantly. I still manage to squeeze my towel socks into my Louboutin boots though so hopefully I'm okay. Worst case scenario I wear thin socks and have them stretched.

    I've been eyeing these boots for 3 years, never got around to buying them.

    So happy I got a pair for $140 on eBay :smile: :smile:
  8. You look adorable! That's a great outfit. And wow, they fit you so differently than they fit me! :weird: My calves are substantial, though not huge, and let me tell you, no way on earth would I even be able to cram leggings into there! The Matildes are strictly a tights-only boot for me.
  9. I have the Matildes in both the brown and the black. I had them in snakeskin too, but returned them. I got the black in 6 (I wear between a 5.5 and 6). I tried them on in 5.5 and 6, and the 5.5 were too tight.
    With the brown, I got them in 6.5 knowing that I tend to wear thick tights with them. I've found that with the 6s, the shaft was too tight for a lot of my skinny jeans, and it took about a year for the 6s to stretch to a comfortable size. With the 6.5, I could squeeze in my skinnies and i didn't have to stretch them at all. I own four pairs of LRs and they are definitely on the narrow side. So I would say sizing up .5 to 1 full size in the Matildes is not a bad idea. Just don't undersize!

    With the snakeskin... that was odd. I ordered a 6, and fully couldn't fit into them. They fit like size 5s. I think it may have to do with the leather on those; they just didn't stretch as much as the regular nonembossed Matildes.
  10. have to size up 1/2 size
  11. Bumping this thread... anyone still wearing theirs? I got totally obsessed with ankle boots and have been neglecting my knee-high boots, but I'm moving somewhere very cold and will probably need knee-high boots again! Thinking of getting a pair of these as I wanted them a long time ago but never took the plunge... Considering cuoio or grey.
  12. I have 4 pairs of the Loeffler Randall Matilde Boot in various colors. I think they fit true to size. I wear a 38.5 and they are all consistently a 8.5. I found they do not stretch much and are comfortable so I would get your true size. I hope this helps!
  13. Just purchased my Matildes (Tortora) from They are on sale for ~ $360.00. I have waited for my size to go on sale for so long! I am a 7.5 and purchased the 8. They are returnable so I thought I'd take a chance especially since my true size is sold out. Ill post my experience! :biggrin:
  14. There are several colors of the matilde on sale for $300 at Amazon right now. Use code 2012FALL for another $50 off (expires 9/20)

    I just had to share this deal. They're still selling for full price elsewhere!