How does the legacy stripe french purse hold up?

  1. I'm trying to decide if I'm keeping this or not... Does it hold up pretty well??
  2. I'd love to know, too...It's the last item on my wishlist and PCE ends tomorrow!
  3. Anyone??
  4. wish i could help ya, i want it but don't have it :smile:

    I am sure when people start waking up, someone will help!
  5. I'm ashamed to admit I got this almost a month ago and haven't even used it yet. And I love it so much.
  6. keep it!! its really cute. and if it doesnt hold up, bring it to a coach store. coach associates and managers would rather have u be happy, than be angry that your wallet broke.

    just put a scotch guard on the legacy stripes. they tend to dirty more than regular jaquard or leather.
  7. It holds up great...I got mine last October. I love it!
  8. Great! Thanks so much!!