how does the horsebit hobo compare to Balenciaga black city?

  1. I have a black 05 city I am seriously considering selling for either the Gucci or a Stam, I dont know why but for some reason I really like both those bags! Does anyone have either and which is their favourite? I have never seen either in real life, what is the leather like? How do they compare to Balenciaga city? What would you do? In the UK they have stopped selling the plain leather hobo and I have tracked the last one down and it is on hold for me in the medium! Also, which is the better size?:yes: and does it slouch? Is the medium the same sort of size as the balenciaga day or is that more the size of the large?
  2. I find the horsebit hobo the perfect size for an everyday bag, but can hold quite a bit...I have the black leather, and the leather is perfect...def get the leather horsebit!
  3. The large horsebit hobo is way WAY bigger than the city. Prepare to dig.

    But its waaaay prettier than a city, imo. Get the black one like woosah. I want one, but I think I would get frustrated digging for stuff.
  4. I had a stam bag when it first came out; I sold it because it was too heavy for me. The hardware on the stam makes it pretty heavy (the chain and all). It wasn't very comfortable to wear for me either because the handles are quite short. Definitely try it out in the store! I find the stam leather is more stiff than the horsebit hobo. With all those said, I prefer the horsebit hobo.
  5. If you are used to b bags , the leather is very different. Horsebit hobo is a stiff bag. It is not smooshy at all. It retains its shape and you definitly feel it under your arm. It is a big change IMO from b bags. Are you near a Gucci store? Make sure you take the stuffing out of the bag before you try it. Good luck
  6. I have a stam and a black city and love both but they are sooo different from each other that if you haven't already, I'd try the stam on before you buy it. The weight is a huge factor which puts people off, also it isn't as pliable or soft being that it is more structured though it does slouch somewhat with time, at least with mine. Both totally different styles so best if you try it on before IMO! Good luck!
  7. city > hobo > stam when it comes to being functional.

    a hobo outweighs a city IF you need gobs of room for everything, but all in all the city is the most practical as far as room and weight.

    i have a dark chocolate stam that i bought only because it was from the original batch, but i rarely use it because of the weight and how structured it is.

    definitely try to try on the stam/hobo before you sell off your city. there's a reason those bags are everywhere: they're fantastic!

    p.s. yes, i do realize i'm saying all of this in the gucci forum, but i want to be honest with the girl!