How does the Gucci Pantent leather hold up??

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  1. Hey ladies....just purchased a patent leather Gucci Pelham bag and love, love, love it. But just wondering how the leather will hold up to the elements??? Comments
  2. The pelham came in patent? Could you post a pic?

    I have patent Gucci shoes and I've had them for 1.5 years, worn them no more than 10 times and they look like I just bought them yesterday.
  3. The patent is really yummy....and I love the bag. I have never had patent leather before, but LOVE Gucci and this style bag is just amazing! It holds everything and is just so comfortable to carry! I would love to post a pic, could you tell me how. I am new to tPF.
  4. Welcome to the forum by the way! ;)

    Okay what you do is instead of hitting POST QUICK REPLY at the bottom of this page hit GO ADVANCED. Then scroll down a bit and hit MANAGE ATTACHMENTS. From there you can browse and load photos from your computer. You have to make sure that your photos aren't too big. You will see the size limits once you get into MANAGE ATTACHMENTS.

    You can always use photobucket as well. Can't wait for the pics! I'll be checking back. :smile:
  5. I will try to get that done as soon as I get new batteries for my camera! Need to post pics of my purse collection. I just checked yours out by the way. Love the Fendi spy bag. I don't have anything Fendi so far, but after seeing the spy bag.....
  6. Hehe... I love Fendi....

    Can't wait to see your pics!