How does the GST bag hold up?

  1. Hello Chanel Fans!

    Now that I have purchased the GST bag...(waiting for delivery)
    Does the bag hold up pretty well with age?

    Thank you!!:tup:
  2. it holds up wonderfully! seems to fit in the category of "indestructible" congratulations!
  3. Yes, congrats you'll love it. Have one in black and the other in bordeaux and it's holding up FABULOUSLY!
  4. You will love your GST - they are wonderful bags...I have a few GSTs and love them. They are great day to day bags and mine are holding up in fine condition.

    Not to get off topic - But I know it has been a long time since I have posted....We are moving our office and just got super busy....But I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season !!!
  5. Glad to see you back Purrrfect!!!!!!!

    GST's are very made a good choice!!
  6. I think so; mine certainly has.
  7. I just bought mine today! It seems like such a sturdy bag since the caviar leather is so thickly layered.

    I have seen some pretty beat up GST's though. This is most likely due to too much wear and overstuffing it. I think they can withhold a beating, but should still be *somewhat* taken cared of. :yes:
  8. Kiana,
    The leather is virtually indestructible, but it will conform to the shape of your body eventually. If you carry it all of the time (there's nothing wrong with that!) It will get a little smooshy. Mine doesn't look so boxy anymore and I like that. I find that the bag is way less structured than it looks. Again, I like that. The straps are going to mold to your shoulders and soften up. Again, a good thing. I have been going through a break-in process on my new LV Hamstead tote. That's been a pain;)
    I can't wait to see photos of it when your long-awaited GST arrives!
  9. hold up really well! you'll love it! :tup:
  10. Mine is holding up nicely. Great bag.
  11. Great bag!
    you will love it - be sure to post pics when it arrives.
    congrats and ENJOY!

    Purrrfect - Wish you a smooth transition to your new office and when you need a break you can get a "Chanel fix" here to recharge you
  12. My husband just told me that my bag has arrived....I am crossing my fingers that everything w/be fine. I was having nightmares...that they sent me the wrong bag, and then I was having nightmares that the chain w/fall off...
    But thanks to all of you....I feel so much better about the bag!!!!!
  13. Well, I got my GST for Xmas (got it early 12/24) and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear it holds up well. :tup: btw, the one on display at Chanel was smooshy....LOVED it even more!!! Either way--with structure/boxy, or smooshy.....I AM IN LOVE!!! :love:

  14. So --- let's see the photos!! I feel so happy for you finally getting your dream bag. You will never be sorry you purchased it.
  15. Okay...this is silly...but can someone please tell me how I can post a pic of my GST on this sight. I don't know how to do that.

    Thank You!!!!