How does the gold ring hold up on the Grand Shopper Tote?

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  1. Hello Chanel Fans...

    I've met someone this morning that has a Chanel Bag that has a chain...and she told me that the Round ring that holds the chain keeps on coming apart. My question is for those who own the Chanel Grand Shopper tote...does the Gold Ring that is attach to bag, comes apart? I do tend to hold alot of things in my bag.

    I thank you all in advance for helping me out.

  2. I have a PST(sh)& GST(gh), but never experience/heard the ring falls apar :wtf: If that lady's bag is auth, i suggest go visit the boutique for repair, or stop loading it up-if it's to the point it breaks the ring, think about the damage it's doing to the shoulder and back!

    PST&GST are one of the most sturdy bags I've seen in Chanel, i wouldn't worry about the ring fall apart b/c you do have 1 yr warrantee against malfuntionctions like that :yes: