how does the free tax from out of state shipping work?

  1. Hey guys sorry to bother u all.
    I have set my mind to get the damier geant loup !!!! (unless it i saw something more pretty in store) And Im going to chicago this weekend and planning to get it then. So i heard about if i have it shipped back to me in indiana i wont have to pay tax. SO im just wondering how it works ? and do i have to pay for the shipping fee ? Will i get all the boxes and ribbon? THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS !!!!!
  2. I really don't know for sure, but I always thought if you bought it in store you had to pay the tax, even if it was shipped to a state without a store?
  3. Years ago they did that.. not anymore unless you reside in Tenn or California you wont have to pay tax when ordering from Eluxury. It is tax free in all other states with the exception of the above mentioned.
  4. I just purchased an agenda through 866-vuitton from an out-of-state Saks Fifth Avenue and I had to pay state tax even shipping it to my state. :sad: I think online stores like Elux can get away with no state tax because they don't have any physical presence in any state (unlike a Saks store, which does have a physical presence in my state so my purchase was subject to my state tax).

    Is there an LV boutique in Indiana? If so, then I think the Chicago purchase would be subject to Indiana state tax if mailed to Indiana. In that case, I think you are better off buying it on Elux with no state taxes. Just pick out what you like at the Chicago store and then order in on Elux. Make sure Elux has it in stock though before you leave Chicago!