How does the Disco age?

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  1. I really loved pictures of the Disco I saw online and pre-ordered one, but I went into a couple of stores and the ones I've see on display look so bad. I saw a black one today that looked especially bad...the leather looked really old (and not in a good aged way), and the shape was all messed up. How durable is this bag, and does it lose its shape really quickly?

  2. I've had the black one for about 7 months now (and I realize that's not too long) and it still looks brand new. I have used it as my main bag for about 85% of that time (Including cross country trips, and two 3-week trips to India!), and I bring it as my airplane bag and STILL, I think it looks pretty great. When I'm not using it I do keep it stuffed and everything, so I don't see any difference with the shape.

    I definitely know what you mean, though, because I've seen quite a few Discos that look SO beat up and saggy. But overall, I think if you carry a lot (and thus keep the bag fully stuffed all the time), it should keep its shape nicely. Hopefully that was helpful :smile:
  3. I hate how my Disco bag looks after a year :sad: The tassels are separating and the shape looks weird. Leather still good. No more Disco bags for me - disappointed.
  4. Sorry to hear that Ingina :sad:

    Very helpful Poly-maybe the key is keeping it stuffed when not in use. That would make sense because the display bags at the store are never stuffed, and probably get that weird shape quickly
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