How does the canvas hold up?

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  1. How does the LV monogram canvas hold up with time and use? I don't own any LV products yet but I want to get a LV wallet. I originally thought it was leather and was shocked to find out it was only canvas at that price.

    Does it seem to last a long time or does it break down pretty quickly? I do want to indulge myself once in a while on an $$$ item, but I'm also not rich and would be crushed if it broke within a year. Thanks!
  2. It holds up very very good in my opinion! If you use it normally there is no way it will brake within a year.
  3. It holds up very, very well. I have bags that are 6-8 years old and the canvas is still in like new condition.
  4. Very well imo. I've seen very old ones, 8-10 years old and I notice that it's the vachetta that gets worn out, not the canvas.
  5. The canvas holds up very well. You definitely don't have to worry about the wallet canvas "falling apart" within a year.
    The canvas is very durable and will last for many years with regular usage.
  6. I have a monogram wallet that is 10 years old and it is just getting to the point where I will probably replace it next year. I also have a monogram Speedy 25 that is about 17 years old and is in great condition as well. Go for it -- they really last!
  7. I have to agree with what everyone has said. The canvas holds up really well. When the weather is rainy or nasty, I always use my LV pieces because I know they will be fine. I am amazed at the sturdiness. Go for it!
  8. My Mono Speedy 30 Is Going To Be 12 Years Old This January, And Ill Post A Pic When I Get Home,it Is Still Beautiful! No Leather Cracking, Only A Rub Spot On One 1/2 Inch Of Piping And The Bottom Is Beautiful. It's My Bag For Life. And For A Daily Driver, I Couldn't Recommend A Better Bag. Classy, Recognizable, And So Utilitarian!