How does the BalNY wait list work?

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  1. I was just checking out the swatches for the SS08 colors, but it's so hard to tell for sure from the little pictures which ones I would definitely want. I haven't waitlisted for bags before, other than LE magenta, so am not sure how it works. My impression is that it's different from the LE magenta list -- that if you sign up, you're not obliged to definitely take the bag. Is that correct? And that you can specify leather preference? Can you return it if you get it and don't like it? Sorry for all the questions, but just want to make sure that I know how much of a commitment I'm making if I sign up.

    There was also another question in the colors thread where someone was asking once we're on the waitlist, do we need to call and bug them occasionally or anything like that. If there are other things of that sort that would be helpful to know, that would be great! TIA!!
  2. Just call or email your SA, tell them what you want and they put you on the list. The earlier you get on it, I feel the better your chances of having them have lots of bags to go through to choose one with really good leather. If you don't have a particular SA, anyone can add you to the list.
  3. Hi....To answer your question, you just call up the Balenciaga store and ask them to put you on a list for a particular bag. You don't have to have your credit card charged until you see the bag (if you don't want to). You just give them your name and phone number. I just called and they said they'll have them in about 3 months (beginning of the year)....
  4. Do you gals know if you need to call/email them occasionally to confirm your spot on the waitlist? With LV you have to do that kind of stuff! I'd hate to miss out.....

  5. did you waitlist or charge send? If you gave them info for a charge send, I wouldn't worry at all. I've never done it with just the waitlist so I don't know about that.
  6. moved to shopping....
  7. I just did a plain waitlist :smile:
  8. I just called and asked to be put on the waitlist with my regular BalNY SA, and I was told there were no waitlists... that's really nice, isn't it? I have bought five or six handbags through her in the last five months. Real nice...
  9. that was it? just a "no" for an answer? if this is the case, i would try another SA. seriously, if i was a SA, i would be so lucky to have a customer like you.
  10. That is ridiculous Lovely. This is why I am apprehensive about the waitlist! I will probably try to call tomorrow and confirm my name on the list.
  11. Thanks (and thanks for moving hmwe -- I posted right after reading the color swatches and then realized, "oops, probably should have put that in Shopping". Sorry about that.)

    Am I understanding correctly that putting your name on the waitlist is NOT a firm obligation to take the bag? e.g., you could put your name down, then cancel later, or say I don't want the bag when they call me about it? There are colors I think I'm interested in, but I'm so hesitant to commit off a tiny swatch. That's really what I'm wondering about -- not the mechanics of getting on the waitlist, but what I'm committing to when I do so. Thanks again!
  12. OMG. I totally took this the other way until I read other people's comments. I thought you meant she was saying that since you're such a good customer, you didn't have to go on the waitlist. That was a much nicer thought, but I guess wishful thinking on my part.:girlsigh: If she really meant, no, she wouldn't put you on it, that's terrible!!
  13. I was confused by powederpuff's post about the waitlists being open because Bill told me this morning that they hadn't opened the lists up yet. Maybe some SAs are nicer than others. :tdown:
  14. Oh wow really? The SA I spoke with took down my info. I guess I need to call them this week to confirm!!!!
  15. I want a Saddle Work with GSH from the fall collection. Can I call them and ask to be put on the wait list? Do they take a credit card number and charge you when you the bag comes in (like LV does)?