How does stating to be a member of TPF help sell your handbag?

  1. As a suspended eBay seller for right now I hope. I have been a member of TPF for a month now, and I have learned so many valueable things from all of the great people on here! Honestly I can see that not only myself but many members value each others opinions on here, and that is an awesome thing. I have read a few peoples threads that say they mention in the listing that they are a member of TPF, How does that help, and how do you go about saying it in the listing? I have tried to follow Ebays listing procedures, and seem to still get pulled and now suspended? Any other suggestions on what to say? All Pictures are my own, and I usually have at least 8 to 10 pictures of the handbag, all words are my own. I even use a disclaimer stating the usual. What to do?.....What to do?
    Have a great Sunday folks !!

  2. i don't think it helps per se. but it might give some buyers more of a secure feeling thinking that the sellers are members here and must be more reputable. unfortunately this is not the case. this is a public board and though i would like to believe everyone is on the up and up that's just not statistically possible. there are probably plenty of people who join and don't know a fig about bags.

    i think the other reason some people put it is that it might be a searchable term.
  3. I had a listing removed and was able to list a different bag. I'm not sure why, but I think guaranteeing authenticity or money back may help.
  4. been there, done that citychris, still pulled
  5. it doesn't help IMO.
    Anyone can register and say "I'm a member of tPF!" and meanwhile they're listing counterfeit after counterfeit. . .
  6. Is there any rule on tPF which would prohibit mentioning tPF in an eBay listing?
  7. no, not really. . . it would take a LOT of our time to police that.
  8. Informing ebayers who know about TPF that you are a member at least gives them an opportunity to come back to the forum and ask questions via PMing or even post the item in the authenticate this thread. I know that I frequent this forum and highly value the the opinion of the experts here, such as eucalyptic, elongreach, chloe, chicky and bags. I would never misrepresent what I have on eBay. IMO if these individuals say an item is good, then that's good for me. Been burnt by ebay sellers before, and I know how badly it feels, so when I mention TPF, I am hoping that potential buyers will request authentication from the forum to see that I am sincere. I don't know if that makes sense to others, but that is why I mention it.
  9. I don't think it helps at all. I mention when I list a handbag that buyers should use TPF (or ebay community board) resources to check out any handbag they're interested in--not just mine, I see it as educative--most readers are not going to buy from me, but they should come here anyway and learn something. When I sold some of my scottie dog collection, I used to tell buyers to check out the collectors club for that and there were no authenticity issues there as there are in the ebay handbag listings--it just seemed like a good resource that people would want to know about.
  10. Sorry to hear that. It's really hard to make any sense of the auctions they are removing vs. allowing, which makes it seem random. It's incredibly infuriating.

    I'm fortunate that my livelihood does not depend on ebay, only my ability to maintain a small collection of bags and sell in order to buy new ones. I feel like ebay is not showing any compassion or understanding of sellers. While they don't guarantee someone will be able to list items, they do advertise / encourage potential sellers to use ebay as a way to earn income. I think it's then irresponsible for them to exclude items using such mysterious, confusing, and obviously inaccurate criteria.
  11. I mention that tPF members get a shipping discount.
  12. Thanks for all the input! it is greatly appreciated, I do like the idea about TPF members getting a shipping discount. I do also value the opinions of the people on here. I kind of stumbled upon this place a little over a month ago, and I figured what better place to listen and to talk to educated people seeing as how I was selling handbags. Have a great day ladies, and the occasional
  13. If the buyer comes here and checks the seller out, I suppose it may make it look as though the seller, if they're a contributing member, owns authentic bags and so, should know what they look like, to a degree, at least.

    Also, if one is selling a bag from one's showcase, or a bag one has posted pics of, in other threads, I suppose it could be argued that if the bag was a fake and someone noticed and reported it, the pic would have been removed. As it's, obviously, against the rules to post pics of fake bags (unless you are citing them as examples, of course).

    I would, personally, feel slightly more comfortable buying from a seller, with excellent feedback from buyers, who was also an established, contributing, member of tPF, than one who wasn't.

    But if the member was new and/or non-contributing, I would view them exactly the same as I would a non member. :biggrin:
  14. i do the shipping discount too.
  15. Exactly, since I'm a pretty established member, I mention it right after I mention I am against counterfeits. Don't know if it really helps or not, but I list my ID so people can see I'm not just saying it to say it.