How Does So Works When It Comes To Mc Canvas???

  1. I know that it's a 30% mark-up when it comes to regular canvas, but if you want MC canvas, is it the same?
  2. Anyone?
  3. What do you mean by a 30% markup?
  4. ^^ If you order a mono bag in damier canvas, for example, you'd pay in total the price of the mono bag plus 30% of that say a $880 mono cabas piano in damier would be 880 + 880 * .3 = $1144
  5. I don't know, for a long time you could not SO MC, but that may have changed by thing to do call the 866 number.
  6. Thanks much for explaining it! :smile:
  7. Ummm I don't really know neither but I think because of the Color on the canvas (like 42 colors isn't it, can't remember and all other hardwares) so the bag is more expensive than the other line. ((correct me if I'm wrong))
  8. Yes, mc bags are more expensive than mono canvas bags.
  9. I was told no SO in multicolor premitted
  10. ^ Bummer.
    Well, with the advent of Damier Azur, we should check if a SO from Damier Ebene to Azur is permitted. Imagine all the possibilities!
  11. i was told many times and quoted prices for small leather goods in a lot of lines, and MC as well.. like an MC Porte Valeurs is possible for me. the 30% addition to the special order price applies to all special orders.. not just for MC.