How does sniping work?

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  1. I just discovered about sniping, sorry if this was discussed earlier, but i couldnt get the answer.
    How does sniping work? e.g if the current bid of the item is 500, but the bidder placed maximum bid to 700, if i used the sniping program, would that make me win the auction at 710 ? or something along the line?
  2. Yes that's right. Programs like auctionsniper bid in the last 5 seconds or so at your chosen bid. So if someone has bid $650 but your snipe is $640 you still wouldn't win as someone entered a higher bid than you
  3. Yes, works the same way as it would if you were bidding manually, just that it does it for you in the last few seconds of the auction. Other bidders may also snipe and have max bid higher than yours, so you may not win.
  4. Can someone recommend a good sniping site/program please? I've used one before but it was years ago so I can't remember, and I'm sure there are more options now.
  5. Forgive me if this is a stupid question but do you have to give the 'sniper' your eBay id and password? Assuming they need access to your secret eBay info, has anyone encoutered any problems with that ie something 'mysteriously' happens with their account?
  6. I use and yes you have to give them your eBay id and password. I've never had any problems with auctionsniper and I've been using them for at least five years
  7. i use
  8. I use I don't know if the other sites are free or not, but esnipe has a two week trial period. After that, you purchase points, and use those points when you snipe. (You don't use points if you don't win.)
  9. Interesting. Never knew there is a site like that. I love purseforum, always learn something new everyday!!
  10. Seriously! TPF also introduces you to new, pretty bags that do serious harm to your credit card balances! :yes:
  11. I use - it's really great for when you know you'll be busy or at work and can't watch the last little bit of an auction - I've won a lot of things that way!
  12. If someone does not bid very often and like to have a good enough sniping service FREE then try using JUSTSNIPE.COM.
    The give you 5 free snipes a week, which is good enough for me.