how does snakeskin wear? (ramona bag)

  1. hi!

    i just bought my ramona bag today (large size) and i love it! i've been wanting one for a while. i bought the black distressed leather with snakeskin trim. i like a little bit of shine the trim brings but am wondering how well the snakeskin will wear. i plan on using the bag everyday for a while.

    the other option for me would be to exchange it for black patent leather, but thinking the other would be more versatile for every day and also easier for me to carry off as i am 5'2

    what d'ya all think? thanks! PS am so excited to find people who share my obsession! :yes:
  2. or i guess i could go with smooth black leather? help!
  3. It's supposed to wear really well (that's what my mom says, anyways). I have Gucci snakeskin (the entire bag is made of it) and so far so good (knock on wood:jammin: )
  4. thanks! i love the bag just was a little worried since i hope to be wearing it for a while!
  5. Congratulations on you bag:yahoo: I would stick with the snakeskin. I hope you'll post photos.
  6. I have no clue about the snakeskin, but I want to see pics too!
  7. I just bought the same bag and have zero worries about it. Frankly, I think the plain leather is a little matronly; the snakeskin and distressed texture keep the classic styling while adding a youthful touch. I have the Chloe silverado in python and a Kate Spade that's trimmed in snakeskin and both are fine despite the fact that I am NOT careful with bags AT ALL. Also my friend has the Gucci tote in python and has said the same thing--she's a mom and is VERY hard on bags and was worried about it but has been 100% pleasantly surprised at how well it has held up.
  8. I'm surprised because in my opinion, snakeskin is rather delicate (compared to a cow or goat or buffalo leather, for example). It's not as delicate as lizard, but the scales tend to lift and snakeskin dries out after a while. It's a lovely material for bags, but when I've had a python bag, I've never expected it to last for a really long time in impeccable condition and unlike my other bags, I never re-sell them because they do show their age.