how does sizing run on LV shoes

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  1. hi, i was wondering how louis vuitton shoes run because i don't own any and can't try on because i don't live near a place that sells them. thanks
  2. I find that they run kinda big. I am usually a 7-7.5 US size. At LV I wear a 6.5-7US.

    hope this info helps. LV shoes are very comfy.
  3. I've only tried on LV shoes once, while travelling since I don't live anywhere near a place that carries them. I am normally 7.5 us and I couldn't squeeze into size 8 sandals. They were amazing and I would have bought them on the spot, but no dice. Don't know if anything has changed since then, this was about 3 years ago.
  4. In my experience, they run a little small. But I haven't bought any shoes from them in the last 2 years or so
  5. True to size for me. :yes: I tried on a couple of pairs while I was in Hong Kong (LV here doesn't carry shoes) and I normally wear a 39 and actually was able to squeeze into a pair of 38. They were too small of course, but since my feet swell in Hong Kong due to the humidity, I think they would've fit fine in drier climate.
  6. It seems to depend on the style TBH.

    I had the Murakami ballet flats and they ran TTS but the LV sneakers come up a little small
  7. I tend to size up half a size from normal US sizing. i think they also run a TAD bit narrow...i've never had issues w/normal US shoes, but i have a small break-in period for LV shoes.
  8. I have 3 pairs and im a 9US and 39.5-40 CL 39.5 prada and mine are 39.5.. they run just a lil small... id size up atleat half a size.
  9. I found them TTS, if not slightly on the larger side. Definitely runs bigger than louboutin, and slightly bigger than gucci in my experience.

  10. My experience is the same as lvpiggiy. I have slightly wide feet and own around 10 pairs of LV shoes. I find that for the most part they run TTS.
  11. I just recently purchased a pair of heels at LV last month & I think I might have slightly narrow feet but LV always runs slightly big for me (about half a size). I own about 20 pairs of LV shoes, they r very comfy once broken in so u'll enjoy them. hope this clarification helps.
  12. I have lots of LV shoes and most of them are true to size. Some wedges run about half a size too big.