How does sizing run in Rock and republic jeans?

  1. I wear Sevens 26, Earl 26 so wondering what size is comparable? I have bigger hips generally and a small waist and wondering if the cut of the crown jeans will be suitable given mrs beckham is such a skinny stick insect.:p
  2. it all depends on the wash, do you have a pic of the pair you want? but generally:
    -silver/gold crowns run 1 size small (the blend with 80% cotton/20% elasterall)
    -pink, red, seafoam, blue, white run tts.
  3. I bought the white crowns for my daughter she is size 8 UK they are a perfect fit
  4. So far, the ones i have tried on at Bloomingdales and Nordstroms have all run a size big for me. I tried on about 3 pairs from each place. None of the pairs I tried on were crowns. HTH.
  5. I only have one pair of R&Rs but mine ran HUGE. I'm usually a 27 and I had to go down to a 25. I think it depends on the spandex content and wash of the jean.
  6. I need to take size or even 2 smaller in R&R compared with sizing of 7FAM.
  7. i wear a 28 in all my jeans including rr.
  8. It really depends on the pair. It's pretty hard to give a general statement on R&R IMO. I have 15 pairs that range from size 29-32. Some fit big, some fit small, some fit true to size, it's very frustrating.

    Are there a couple washes/styles that you're particularly interested in? If so you could just post those and get a better idea.
  9. if you are a 26 in Sevens, a 25 in Crowns will probably fit you in most washes, unless they are Radion wash--in which you should size up one :smile:
  10. Sorry, missed the part about specifically looking for crowns. I agree with sweetiepie...most of the washes except radion are fairly tts.
  11. i think it depends on the style/wash... but just about every pair of R&R jeans i've tried on and/or purchased, i've had to go one size down. i wear size 25 in most brands like SFAM, Citizens, Joe's, etc. but i usually wear 24 in R&R
  12. thanks girls. I am looking at the radion wash crown. many thanks again
  13. Just a side note, but I am also a 26 and my silver crowns in radion wash are a 25. They fit my perfectly. I know everyone says that the radion wash runs small.. but I guess my pair is an exception :shrugs: Anyway, just thought I'd let you know!
  14. Many thanks!
  15. Yes. R&R sizing is ALL OVER THE PLACE unfortunately !!:shame: I have 19 pairs and they are 25s-26s. Best bet is to try them on first if you can or go to and ask the girls there for help.