how does sizing in frye boots run?

Jun 26, 2007
I'm normally an 8.5-9 in shoes. Do Frye boots run on the smaller end (I should get an 8.5) or a little larger (9)? Do they stretch out at all?

And since they are boots..if they are a tad bit too big, I can just wear really thick socks and I should be fine, right?
I am wondering this too!

I searched the forum and found several posts on this topic, although most of them were pretty old and they have many new styles that may fit differently.

So does anyone know because I just ordered a pair, so any info on sizing (specifically Frye Jenny Double's maybe) would be great! Thanks in advance.
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^ what kind do you have?
I just ordered some in a size 7, but I am usually a 6.5 and they had no 6.5's left, so I hope they are okay! Revolve's sizing said they fit small so thats why I thought they would be fine. :Push:
The ones that I have tried are TTS. I wear a small US7, so I can also often fit a US6.5. I tried a pair of boots in US6.5 (they were the last pair and super on sale) and unfortunately they were a little tight in the calf area... but in the foot, they fit perfectly.

Hope this helps!
I think it depends on the style. I have a pair of their campus boots in an 8 (I wear an 8 1/2 usually) which fit perfectly but have heard other styles run both tts and small.
I have two pairs of Frye boots... I wear an 8.5, and they both run true to size for me... but i don't wear really thick socks with them, so if you want to do that, i'd get half a size larger...
Have many frye boots, only the veronica slouch run small for the most part. if you want to put a heel pad in--which you need in some of the boots, you will still be okay with your normal size in most of the other styles
I wear the Harness boots and both are true to size. Mine are 8s and sometimes they feel a little pinchy in the toes but usually only if Im walking way too much.