How does shearling compare with down for warmth?

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  1. I am contemplating a new winter coat. With windchill, I need it to withstand temps of 0 degrees F. I know the full length down coats from places like LLBean work, but really like shearling. Does anyone have any experience with a full length shearling coat? Is it warm? Does it block the wind? It doesn't need to be waterproof.
  2. i think the only thing about shearling is it's not waterproof....but i don't know for sure.
    and i do think shearling is warmer. i have a shearling hat and i love it.
  3. Good question, I have down as well as shearling as well as toscan lamb etc... it's a diffrent sensation of warmth. Over here it doesn't get that cold very often but I travel quite a lot including to colder regions of the world.

    Shearling as well as toscan (need to find the ones that are soft inside) protect extremly well from wind they are like a seconde peau (skin) it's avery nice sensation of warmth but you need to find very good quality and not too havy ones.

    Down is lovely as well but it's definately not a second skin but it's more lightweight , great for travel and protects you also from rain.

    hope this helps
  4. EM, I don't own any shearling coats and jacket, so sorry I'm no help. The look and feel or shearling is incredible though. For temperature below freezing and into the negatives, I prefer a nice ski jacket with down. Granted that Southern California temperature does not go below 17 up in the mountains (I live in a ski resort during the winter months if I'm not working in LA) and I survive pretty well with a nice warm down ski jacket.