How does re-setting a ring work?

  1. I have a yellow gold diamond ring which I hardly ever wear (just prefer white gold). I also have another ring which I wear all the time, it has 6 small diamonds on it going from smaller to biggest in the middle (none of them are all that big). I was thinking of taking the single diamond from my gold ring and replacing it with the center stone on the white gold ring, b/c its a bigger diamond and it would add some xtra bling lol and I would then at least get some use out of it!
    Is this possible to do or would it not work b/c of the other diamonds around it? And do you girls think it would look ugly so have the center stone be significantly bigger than the other ones? Thanks
  2. depend in the difference in size (of the middle stone) it might go into that setting, if not they might be able to put a new crown( i think its called) on the ringto fit the bigger stone, depends if there is enough room.. Tale it to a goldsmith and see what they say.. its not a big deal. Its just a matter of will it fit/is there enough space.
  3. I just had my diamond is GORGEOUS. Take it to your favorite Jewler and he should be able to guide you...I took a bunch of pics and he then had something made for me. Its a stunner. How fun for sister in law did hers as well...let me know if you would like to see pics.
  4. Oh thanks for the advice. I really hope it fits...I will talk to a jeweler asap. I don't really have a jeweler, so just nervous about getting someone honest and trustworthy
  5. I just had a ring sized - and it's the first time in a long time I spent any time at a jewelers and I was amazed at what they could do for so little money. I had the ring sized down one and a half sizes. I was worried it wouldn't look right afterward - but it's PERFECT. And all for $35.

    So, take it in and ask for all the options. I think you'll be pleased. And, it's a Very good idea you have. Use that pricey diamond! Don't let the yellow gold setting keep you from using your diamond indefinately. Gold is still very cheap compared to diamonds.

    Good luck!
  6. I had a few pieces re-set too. They came out great. Maybe you could ask around and find a jewler who did work for people you know.
  7. Ask around and get quotes from several jewelers. If you know someone who has a jeweler they like, check theirs out. If the diamond is significantly bigger, it may take more work (new crown, respacing, etc.), but a good jeweler will be able to tell you exactly how much work it will take, and if it can be done. A bigger stone in the middle should look stunning! Good luck! Send us pics when it is done!

    love, Pippi
  8. My sister lives in Brooklyn. I'll ask her if she knows any good jewelers.
  9. Thanks :smile: