How does raw batter freeze?

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  1. I want to make some Red Velvet cupcakes (from scratch) but I don't want to make a whole recipe at once -- I won't eat them quickly enough before they go stale.

    Can you freeze raw batter and save it for a second batch?
  2. ^^i dunno how the raw batter would freeze, but my grandma bakes things liek that and defrosts the cake, then frosts it after its defrosted and her cakes always come out great

    if i was going to try to freeze batter, id measure out the cupcakes first, then freeze them in the cupcake pan and defrost them the same way?
  3. idk either - the last time I made homemade dog treats I split the batter in half and froze some of it. But the next time I went to make them, I ended up throwing the frozen part away... for some reason it just didn't "seem" right.
  4. I wouldn't think that freezing would work with cake batter. Once the baking soda/baking powder is activated by moisture there's no turning back. It won't rise again quite so nicely once you thaw the batter and put it in the oven. You'll end up with a flat heavy cake. Kinda like those brownies in frozen dinner trays. They do rise a bit but it's not a baking experience worth repeating.

    My mom freezes pie crust dough but that lacks baking soda or powder.
  5. I would not freeze them as they would not set the same once you defrost it. I suggest baking the whole thing and freezing the extra ones (cut them up in smaller portions) and wrap it with plastic wrap and put in an airtight container. That should be good for a month or so. When you are ready to thaw out frozen cake, remove the plastic wrap and leave in room temperature.
  6. I don't think the batter will freeze well, but cooked cupcakes freeze and thaw perfectly! :smile:
  7. ^ Agree. They defrost fine, even if they are frosted.
  8. Freezing raw batter works for me.
    I have done brownies, cookies, and cake.
  9. wow - that's interesting
  10. cook them all and then freeze the cupcakes you don't need right now.
    frozen cake will thaw nicely.
  11. I used to freeze cookie dough all the time, but never tried to freeze cake batter.
  12. I made 10 dozen cupcakes for a Birthday party a month ago. I baked them in over the course of a week and froze them until I could frost and fill them, the day of the party. They were perfectI would suggest freezing them (just as everyone else has) and thawing them as needed.

    I put the cupcakes in a heavy duty ziplock freezer bag and vacuum sealed them with a straw by sucking all the air out. Then I put them in large Tupperware containers and popped them in the freezer. I could fit about 4 regular sized cupcakes in each bag, which would be perfect for thawing little batches at a time.
  13. Have a friend who bakes wedding cake & she freezes them all to make them moister. She spreads some kind of soak in sugar glaze on them first. Her cakes are tdf.