how does oxblood grenat 06 leather finish wear with time?

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  1. i still haven't used my brand new grenat city, cos i'm not a fan of the balenciaga crackle shiny glaze and so was thinking of passing it on... but, if someone can convince me that the leather wears with time to become something matte and smushy :heart:, i'll go for it! (anyone w pics?)
  2. I have a grenat, I love it!! It has a sheen not shine.
  3. My grenat first was kind of shiny when I got it, but after I used LMB pre-treatment on it the leather got much softer and more matte.
  4. My grenat City started off shiny, kinda stiff and the leather seemed on the thin side :s Let me tell you I was NOT happy!!

    But now, after 3 months of daily (ab)use it is really starting to get lovable :yes: The shine has worn off a little (tho it is still there, I'll be trying LMB on it soon to get it off). This btw makes the color look sooo much better! The leather has become more flexible and it does not feel as thin as it used to. On some spots (the sides and the back of the bag) you could almost say it's smooshy :nuts:

    I have to say - although I was skeptical when I first got her - now that she's been broken in a bit my disappointment in the leather has faded! I am quite happy with it! A actually catch myself *smooshing* up the leather between my fingers because it feel so nice and soooft :sweatdrop:

    So I guess what I'm saying is if you like the color I think you should break it in, maybe try LMB to get off the shine, and then see if you like how the leather *transforms* once it's been broken in a bit!

    But: please do searches on the forum on LMB because there have been mixed reviews!
  5. I just purchased a grenat city and am waiting for it to arrive, hopefully by the end of the week. I saw this thread and was wondering what LMB is and where you get it from? Is this something I should put on my bag right away? I have never seen a bbag IRL so I don't know the difference btw the different leathers. Which year of the bbags have the nicest leather?
  6. LMB =, it's a leather product that us bag lovers use, along with Apple and Shining Monkey.. search for reviews..

    the other balenciaga leather is the "old" leather, 2003, 2004, and is very matte and spongy looking, and supersoft to the touch. some people say it's more delicate and porous as a result. anyway some of the colours are rose, lilac, sky blue, apple green, bubblegum pink, turquoise, teal, seafoam...

  7. Thanks for the info. I'm new to bbags and I'm trying to learn as much about them as I can.
  8. simmmchen, could you puhlease post a pic? i'd love to see how it could become...
  9. This baby is not in my hands YET but thought I'd post an 06 gray that was generously treated with LMB.

    You have to decide though. Some here don't treat their bags with ANYTHING ever. (its not recommended that you treat them) - just let the bag soften by themselves. If you want to "hurry" the process along - LMB and apple conditioner are the only products that I would use (and NOT on lighter colored bags - see earlier post)

    Here is my untreated (except for shine restore on handles) bordeaux from '05 and here is the gray that soon to be mine:yahoo:


  10. Oh one more thing - for resale value (if you think you may ever want to resell it) its best to not treat it IMO (although I don't mind - some do)

  11. hellooholly
    , here is a pic of my grenat City. It was carried almost every day in the past 3 months.

    But IMO you can't really SEE the change of the leather on pics as supposed to irl... Even without flash the bag lookes shiny, just from the sunlight hitting it. To me the major difference is the FEEL of the leather! It feels much thicker now than it did before. Don't ask me how that works LOL

    Here is a picture w/o flash... Hope it helps a little...


    btw... it has never been treated so far.
  12. ^That is one beautiful bag!
  13. awww thanks kirsten!
    This was her very first appearance on tpf so thanks for making her feel welcome :heart:
  14. hmm....i believe the leather wears from time to time, previously i own a 05 bordeaux work bag and i first bought it, the leather has this shiny wasn't love at first sight coz of the shine....but after a few use, the leather turns smooth and matte.....:greengrin: :greengrin:
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