How does Ostrich wear?

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  1. I'm considering getting the pocket organizer in Ostrich. I'm pretty hard on my current pocket organizer in DC and I don't like to baby my SLGs. If I were to get this one, I'd also keep it in my back pocket all the time, sit on it, etc.

    Does anyone have a SLG or bag in Ostrich? How does the quality hold up?
    louis-vuitton-pocket-organiser-ostrich-key-and-card-holders--N92166_PM2_Front view.jpg
  2. Ostrich leather is thicker and very resistant. It does get wrinkles on SLGs at the corners after a while if you wear in pockets constantly.
  3. Thanks! I don't mind little wrinkles on the corner. I'm more concerned about the outside and whether it'll look beat up after a while. From my research so far it seems very durable.
  4. I had bought dirt cheap ostrich leather phone case, they are extremely durable. My phone case wears better than my LV canvas keypouch. I mean if I drop it, I don't freak out compared to when I accidently drop my keypouch. LOL
  5. My dad uses the pocket organizer. He keeps his in his front pocket. Never had the ostrich, but he's had monogram, tiaga, and epi. All help up fine. So if this is more durable you should be golden!
  6. i have used the same colour ZCP for many years and it has worn really well ... I don't baby it ... love ostrich:heart:
  7. image.jpeg
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  8. Nice! Yours looks much darker than the pic I posted. I know the pics online on the LV site tend to look lighter than they do in person, but yours is very dark. Almost looks black. I'd have to see it in person to see if I like it I guess.
    My SA told me there are 0 in the warehouse right now but might be in production soon. Fingers crossed.