How does one find an item number for a Chanel purse?

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  1. So I called Saks still in search of that elusive Spring 2006 Eiffel Tower handbag, and they said I needed an item number for them to locate in their stores. Can anyone help?
  2. You could call Chanel's 1800 number at 1800 550-0005 and they should be able to give you a style number. Interesting how their phone number (and many of the store numbers) have "5's".

    Are you going to get the pink classic flap or do you have your heart more set on this one? If you love this bag (which is seems that you do), I would get this one first since it is a limited edition. You could always get the pink classic at a later time. Keep us updated!
  3. Babydoll ,

    I found you one ! Check your PM's .
  4. NYpersonalshopper, as I mentioned in my PM to Sophia Lee, my family told me I could get the pink classic as a graduation present to myself, since it will still be around next year when I do. This Eiffel tower purse is a limited edition so... might as well. *shrug*
  5. by the way, both Saks and Neiman Marcus say that this one is sold out nationwide and chanel has discontinued making them since they were only for spring 2000...*rubs chin* hmm, limited edition... hard to get = must have! :smile:
  6. Babydoll, that is a great graduation present! might be hard to find since it was discontinued for quite some time. Perhaps Ebay.....just be careful....get lots of pictures and ask lots of questions. There is a small possibility that it might have gone to the outlets...but they probably went there that year or the next (not exactly sure) and are probably sold by now. I am not a member of Marketplace yet, but if you are perhaps another purse addict has one that she wants to sell. You could try ask in there. Best of luck finding your bag! It really is so cute!