How does one find a reference number for an item?

  1. Me again, ladies! (sorry to flood this forum but I'm turning obsessed, lol)

    My sweet bf wants to get me a matching wallet for my 2 hot pink and beige Diorissimos. He called up boutiques in the UK and they told him if he had a reference number, it'd be easier to locate the item. Any ideas on how to go about it?
    Thanks! :heart:
  2. Hi Babydoll Chanel!

    Keep the messages coming!!! They make this forum more lively!:biggrin:

    As for the reference numbers, you can find them directly on Just click on "Product Search" from the "Collections" tab and you can search through a handful of Dior's current stuff. The reference numbers are on the bottom.

    I actually went and found the 3 hot pink Diorissimo wallets that they had! They're attached to this message :biggrin:
    Diorissimo coin pouch.jpg Diorissimo card holder.jpg Diorissimo wallet.jpg
  3. [​IMG]



    I copied and pasted the same pics I attached above so you can see them all at once.
  4. Omg thank you soooo much!! Does this mean they are still available for purchase? he called dior in london and they said that they sold out 2 months ago.... wierd.....
  5. I think that the entire hot-pink Diorissimo line (all products included) were put on 50% off, so they may be sold out in a lot of places already, but I'd keep trying because there may be one out there that was meant for you to have, just like your pink Diorissimo hobo :biggrin:
  6. Yeah, that was a miracle! To think we got the very last brand-new one ever. It's completely sold out in the US, and ONE was left in the UK. Amazing... :smile:
  7. It's a tad out of my price range though! :sad: It's 350$.
  8. Yeah Dior stuff can end up being so expensive...I just find it funny how the prices of their wallets are sometimes higher than the prices of their pouches and mini saddles (which come with shoulder straps). In fact, their Diorissimo pouchettes (with shoulder straps) were arond $200 or $250 (I don't remember) when they were half price, making them cheaper than the wallets they're meant to carry!
  9. OMG my bf offered to split it with me!!! He offered to pay for more than half of it. I can't wait to see the set! Wow...
  10. Wow where in the world do you get a BF like that?!!?!?!?:biggrin:
  11. I ask myself that question all the time, :biggrin: