How does one decide on what color denim?

  1. UGH--I want to buy a denim bag and can't decide on what color to buy. I bought the green demin small pleaty and love it but now want a shoulder bag and am lost in what color to get?????:huh:
    I love the green but thought I should get a different color. I think the blue is stunning and would work with jeans which I wear most of the time, the pink you could dress up and it is my favorite color but it kind of seems a bit too loud to me. How did you decide which color would be best for you? Were you happy with the color you bought. I know I really need two, one in each color and then I would be happy:lol: .
  2. How about a reg. denim Baggy PM:love: and a pink Neo?
  3. Since you aldready have a green one which is a limited edition I would go with the regular blue one. It will match with most casual wear.

    I just recieved my blue neo last night and I can't wait to wear it on my day off (with jeans and a tee).
  4. I like the blue or pink. Blue is more practical, pink makes more of a statement.
  5. I like all three colors but will pick green over the other 2 colors because I think pink is too loud for me and blue is too close to my jeans color.
  6. blue matches great with jeans!:biggrin:
  7. I prefer the blue denim colour, it's a little less loud than the fuschia, and I'm just not feeling the green all that much (sorry ! :shame:smile:
  8. Love the green, pink second, but for me I can't see the blue with jeans, ya know? It's like a denim jacket with jeans: too matchy-matchy.
  9. I have the blue Baggy PM and I love it! Green would be fab too but pink is a bit too pink for me, if you know what I mean! Blue goes great with jeans, dresses, anything summery! It will even tone down business attire like a pant suit. Makes a major statement as it is so obvious and will totally turn heads. Blue, blue, blue.....
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