How does one DEAL with no Hermes.....

  1. Boutique in your area? :sad:

    The closest Hermes to me is Las Vegas, SCP, BH, Houston....all too far to drive for the day, and I am not going anywhere near these places in the next few months. I just tried to get hubby to go to Los Angeles or SF, but he won't have time till January. He is going to S. America, but RIO, not Buenos Aires!! (POOPY, Shoot, Shucks...this STINKS!!).


    I need a distraction, I need therapy, I NEED .....:sweatdrop: .....HELP, right?

    I don't know if I'm going to be able to hang in there. I've been reading the Hermes-aholic thread daily....I only have the computer to look. Am I nuts? I'm going to go crazy!!!
  2. bec. there is no hermes store where I am at (live near Seattle WA), I have gotten all of my hermes goodies from online (ebay) and other kind ppl (special ppl with special access).... so up until now, I have yet to set foot inside an Hermes store.. maybe when I go to vegas this holidays, I finally will be able to go and shop at an H store... there's a consigner store in downtown seattle but they don't really have much H goodies so that's why ebay at times works much better for those with no h store nearby..
  3. My store is a couple hrs away, and 3 with traffic. So, just to go there and back, it can be an exercise of 4-6hrs in the car. I usually can't go unless it's the weekend and even then, I usually have lots to do on the weekend to be spending that much time on the road, just to get to H!

    So, what I do is call! Lol! I usually know what I'm after, maybe a scarf I've seen online or some leather accessory, etc. Also, I call to check what's new.
  4. Oh, for a minute you scared me...:wtf: I thought something terrible happened to HERMES!:crybaby:
    in case of DISTANCE...I would find all the best transportation routes,:yes: or plan all vacations around hermes boutiques...:nuts: (I already do that), I would join the purse blog, :s ultimately move :wlae:
    (OR, get alot of anti-anxiety meds, and a chaufer!!...I don't drive):shame: :lol:
  5. Not going crazy....:smile:

    I have been planning our Dec. vacation...I have given DH 2 choices:

    1 - Take a drive from LA to SF then continue on to Vancouver..(2 H stores)

    2 - Take a drive to Santa Fe and continue to Austin, Dallas, Houston ..(2 H stores)

    I have to wait a few more days until we finalize that...:wlae:
  6. Blux - Yes, I only have ebay, too, but it gets scary to look at all the stuff to insure that they are authentic.

    SS - lucky that you get to at least attempt the drive!! The closest is Las Vegas at 5 hours one way , and BH at about 6 hours one way:crybaby:

    GF - Yes, thanks for the H - site. I look there, but I am so new to Hermes that I don't know enough about what I want to just order from the web site.

    I have learned SO MUCH Here about Hermes, but I know I need to TRULY go to the boutique more to be truly comfortable about what I want. The one time I did go it was FABULOUS and I loved my bag the I brought home.

    I've even plotted with my neighbor to go to Las Vegas when my parents come to help w/ the kids, so that I can maybe go into the boutique:s
  7. Avandome, and gmel : I've been trying to do this planning trips so that I will get to an H-boutique. :yes:

    Last time I was in SF, for a wedding, I was delayed to get to the store b/c the bridge was getting some work done, and I didn't want to be in traffic!:sad:

    Good Luck on your trip finalization gmel!!!
  8. When there is a will there is a way!... my family (about 90 years ago) would travel about 4-5 days to the Paris boutique!...(I think that is where I get my "drive"):P or obsession!:shocked:

  9. I too live in Seattle, so I just drive the three hours north to Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    :graucho: ;)
  10. Hey you live in the US where you can order from the Hermes website, so don't complain ;)
    I have to go to a different COUNTRY to get Hermes! Ha!
    Scarf-wise I've been shopping in boutiques on travel, doing ebay (the reason why I joined Hermes online groups was to become an expert and be able to identify fakes easily). I found Ms Kelly on ebay and don't have a shadow of doubt about her authenticity. I would buy online from trusted sources such as the marketplace here.
    On Monday I am going to Vienna, already called the boutique there, yes, I am planning my business meetings around visiting Hermes.....
  11. How do I deal with no Hermes near me? Why TPF of course! :nuts: Seriously, I'm able to see and find out more info here than I can sometimes than by chatting with my SA. I also have an established relationship with a California store, so it's nice to just pick up the phone and ask about something I've seen. Looking at the Japanese super catalogs, Le Monde, and eBay together also helps me see what's out there.
  12. I used to live about 4 hours away from Hermes and would only go once a month. We moved! :P Not just to be closer to Hermes but it was certainly a motivating factor. Now I'm 45 minutes away and go almost every weekend. I sure had a lot more savings when I lived further away. ;)
  13. NHL, is there any way you can come to the Dec 9th get-together? With a big group of people, there's a much higher likelihood that there'll be lots of goodies. Actually, the SA from Las Vegas told me that they generally get a big spurt of shipments at the end of the year.
  14. elizabeth, do you have to pay extra when you bring back your goodies to WA? I don't want to have to pay for multiple taxes for my bags....