How does one become an Hermes SA?

  1. I've wondered this through the years. There is such a wide spectrum in knowledge, courtesy, etc., that it makes me wonder if there is a training program for SA's. There must be some sort of education on leathers and styles but I wonder what kind (or if any) screening process is used?

    Sorry if my question seems a bit ignorant but I thought this would be the best place to get an informed answer.
  2. To be quite honest, I will give you one example. An SA I just encountered 2 weeks ago at a boutique near me knew absolutely nothing about the bags, leathers, colors, hardware. ZIPPO...NOTHING!!! She was just hired and received no training. She knew nothing about the name of one bag and just told me it was lovely. I found it kind of sad and poor at the same time.

    I can't say a negative thing about her as a person because she was lovely. She was a very nice woman and I truly enjoyed every moment with her, but she lacked everything she needed to help me in leather goods. I questioned her about her work experience and such. She left another company (which I won't say here) after working many years there. Hermes just put her on the floor and she is on her own.
  3. KB, that's interesting. Do you happen to know if that particulare store is a franchise or H-owned?
  4. H-owned as far as I know.
  5. I've had a similar experience recently which is exactly why I asked this question. The SA was absolutely lovely in demeanor but absolutely clueless on everything from colors and leathers to styles. I was a bit confused. :confused1:
  6. BTW, I want to add to my time I feel this woman will truly be a great choice in the boutique in so many ways, but she needs a great deal of knowledge to get to that point. She is personable and you really enjoy working with her, but she needs to learn! Do I say, "join the Hermes sub-forum"???? LOL.
  7. Authentic I can relate to your experience. You go to the boutique to have questions answered and gain knowledge...not to be a teacher or feel you are wasting your time. You want customer service.
  8. LOL! That's a great idea! Truly, I think most of ladies on this forum could teach the class.
  9. I think it's funny because when I worked at Coach you had to go through a few days of watching customer service training videos and learning about the different lines, styles before they'd let you on the floor. :smile:
  10. To me, that is very appropriate! At least that.
  11. Check this out. I was told by an SA a couple weeks ago that I "knew more about Hermes" than her. Shocking! I've only been on the subforum since January! I did study before I went shopping but I didn't think I was all that. I guess I could get a job at H! THAT would be dangerous!! Wonder what the employee discount is and if there is a limit of what you can buy (like at LV)??
  12. :yes: It was great cause once you hit the sales floor you knew what you were doing! :wlae:

    hehehe employees discounts are dangerous! I spent so much...I can only imagine if it was at H!
  13. I agree .. the last time I was at Hermes .. there was a new associate there .. new some of the basic styles, but quite obviously needed more training about leathers, colors etc. She was very nice to work with .. friendly, professional, great personality .. will definitely be an asset to the boutique once she learns about the mechandise. I am surprised that a company like Hermes doesn't have a more formalized training program.
  14. I imagined this was like joining MI5 or the diplomatic service and there would be several months of training . . . .I am quite disappointed to think there isn't a leather bootcamp and Birkin bonding weekend for these gals! Seriously, I would really expect a SA to know as much as me (which isn't that much at all) and to be fascinated enough by her brand to go and find out. I'd be keen to hear other views.
  15. I too am a little disappointed by the couple of times I've been in the store and the salesperson doesn't know the names of the colors or the leather. I've asked a few of them about their background and they've all told me they had retail backgrounds and were started out in the scarf department and had to just go from there. None of them offered up why they came to work at Hermes. It is is a retail job, and they aren't required as far as I know to have fashion degrees, etc. But I would assume that if you have a great personality and some fashion knowledge or just great style that they'd welcome you if you wanted to go work there. I like shopping with the ones that can answer my questions so I try to wait for the older ones to help me. I have seen one particular SA at NYC just stand there silently while a man looked at Kellys and Birkins. It was kind of sad.