How does one become a wedding planner?

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  1. I'm just asking out of curiousity because I love the show "Whose Wedding Is it Anyway!"
  2. You go to an already known planning company and get hired or start your own?? :shrugs:
  3. My mother was a wedding coordinator (coordinating the movements of the actual wedding) and worked through a church. I'm unsure if bigger churches have planners on hand as well.
  4. I guess someone could wake up some morning and say, "Hey, I want to be a wedding planner" and try to go at it. I figured, however, there was some well-planned route. If it's as easy as joining an already known planning company I'd stop looking for work in the art world and find myself an event-planning job!

    I was just wondering if there was some organization that offered classes. I don't know if there's some kind of certification or licensing or if none of that is necessary.
  5. My friend recently started a wedding planning business. If you want to start one I think you just advertise. If you are good with planning, making deals, and keeping people calm, you can be a wedding planner. My friend started with her family and people she knew who were getting married. That way you build up a reputation.
  6. There is a National Association of Wedding Planners, so maybe you can get some info from their website.
  7. I don't think there is any licensing or certification involved. I think like any other private business you'd want to be insured/bonded to protect yourself from any lawsuits cause people love to sue.
  8. everyone i know who's started an event planning or event photo business started with friends and family's events for free or GREATLY reduced prices (ie my wedding photographer was a friend of mine in the middle of starting up a side business...she was there all day (about six hours) and we got all the pictures and negatives for about 400 dollars.)

    after they've done a few and gotten experience, they start adverting or applying to popular wedding venues and firms. they use those friends and family for references and portfolio pictures.
  9. I used to sort of work with weddings... a lot go the hospitality route, some start their own... i considered it because I had a lot of fun helping out with the events and then I realized... I was going to work with people as picky and snobby about things as I am! LOL and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it. A lot of planners also work there way in by doing things like coordinating meetings and other events for larger companies and then going out on their own. There actually are degree programs focused in this. And certificate programs.
  10. Kinda what I thought... you can kinda just start it... but hope it makes it!
  11. My SIL has started one!! See my avatar? Those are some pieces that we make exclusively for certain customers. She took those pieces and some of our wedding rings and went to high end hotels that host weddings and went to the coordinater with them. She seems to be making a way for herself. We shall see!
  12. ^^ That's cool!

    One of my best friends decided she wants to be a wedding planner after school... she changed her major to apparel merchandising and business management..
    I know as a business major that business management will help her alot but I'm not too sure about the apparel merchandising.

    Either way, business is the way to go!
  13. A part of me figures that when I officially stop working and we're financially comfortable. I may assist friends in planning and organizing their weddings as I almost completely did mine myself last summer.

    With that in mind I would love if not to organize the whole shebang to at least make favors. As I made the favors with my mother's assistance for my Bat-mitzvah(boxes with jelly beans that matched my colors) and my sweet 16(candles we glittered ourselves, glued into a base which we decorated and attached a match book)

    my wedding I didn't create favors. But i had yamulkes with our names in it, benchers w/names(a book that contains some prayers including the after meals prayer), I had bought weddign cake candles and ordered matches off of ebay
  14. I think you just start it and go by word-of-mouth in the beginning, then after getting a few under your belt, you can advertise and grow your business.. My cousin planned her own wedding entirely and it was wonderful... so I guess if you have some organizational skills and can remain calm in all situations, you can be a wedding planner. There is also an association for wedding planner i think..