How does one become a SA?

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  1. I have a passion for purses (obviously) and was wondering if anyone knew the process or the experience needed to work for a luxury retailer? Owning bags and helping other woman find bags they love sounds like a dream job.
  2. you might want to wander into the LV thread also. about 1 month ago a woman was offered an SA job and said it was a lengthy process. reading through her thread might give you insight, too
  3. If you have previous experience working in retail, preferably for a high-end retailer or luxury brand, it is an asset. Jobs where you are constantly interacting with clients and delivering customer service can help. Lastly having an interest in the brand and in fashion are important as well as being able to convey that. When I'm hiring these are all things that I look for as well as the individual's personality to determine whether they'd be a good fit with the rest of the team.
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  4. I was job hunting a few years ago and on a whim I just dropped off my resume at a local Louis Vuitton store. I didn't hear anything until a few months later (I already had a job so it never went further) so I'm not sure what LV's process is, but I have a lot of retail experience as well as administrative so that may be why they ended up calling me. Good luck!
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  5. I've worked at outlet malls in the past nothing high end. But I'm currently working as a supervisor at a hotel so I'm constantly closing sales making reservations and dealing customer complaints and so on. I have always had a passion for art and fashion (which I think go hand in hand) you think it's best if I just apply online ?
  6. I would apply online and in-store, to increase your chances. Sometimes a recruiter may find a resume in the database that the system didn't pick up.

    For me, when someone applies in-store I am able to remember them. If they made a good impression and are qualified, I usually interview them. If HR forward me a resume I have something to go by, especially if they came in-store.

    Online, your resume does all the talking. In person you have the opportunity to establish a connection. Each of my high-end retail jobs were based on a few minutes of informal chatting with a manager, followed by second required interview with a DM or regional manager where I was basically given the job.
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    I got two interviews with LV in 2008. I was sent by a fashion temp agency in NYC. They had me apply as a sales associate first and then a position that was called 'Wrapper' or something? I assume the job description was basically packaging and bagging merchandise in the back after a sales associate sells something. But I have a feeling that position was only existent in really busy markets like NYC. Anyway I had worked at Bloomingdale's for a year and a half and was at the time working at J.Crew for over a year by then. Didn't get hired! And I was only gonna make 12.00 an hour without benefits, full-time, which I find absolutely insulting and disgusting (especially with NYC's cost of living, like really?).

    I actually had a second interview with Apple scheduled for right after my last LV interview and the recruiter called me again to discuss what happened with the interview and it somehow came up that I was on my way to Apple's market office in the city to interview and the recruiter asked me if I'd rather work for LV or Apple and I said Apple. She never called or emailed me again, lol (which was cool since I ended up getting hired as a product specialist at Apple with much better pay and great benefits) . But I know people who did get jobs through that temp agency. Hopefully there's one that places people in luxury retail in your area!

    Just a heads up though, luxury retail customers... eh I won't get into it, but they require a lot of patience and taking one for the team. And dealing with criminals trying to attempt credit card fraud. I was trained to know how to deal with the latter and eventually it was like second nature but it made me really nervous when I was a newbie because if they didn't immediately run out of the store as soon as I said "there is a discrepancy with this credit card", they were aggressive and scary as hell. But now its actually pretty fun, lol.

    Also, I don't even want to know what the commission environment is like at a stores like LV, Gucci, Prada etc. We didn't even get commission when I worked at Bloomies but we had insane sales goals (the mall that its in isn't an upscale mall so there wasn't enough clientele and a lot of shrinkage) and I kept getting warned over me not making my goals, it was so stressful. And all the girls I worked with were always beefing over someone stealing someone else's sales. I can only imagine what it must have been like if money was on the table.
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