How does one attain a birkin....

  1. How does one attain a birkin if you do not live near a store? I've read that a lot of times if you frequently go into the store and form a relationship with an SA they might phone you or pull a birkin from the back. However, the nearest store to me is Chicago and this is 3 hrs. away! I'd love to buy myself either a 30 cm potrion, rouge VIF, or the new lipstick red in either togo or chevre leather. How much would a 30cm togo and chevre cost? With the lastest LV price increase I'm done paying top dollar for coated canvas! Thanks for you help:love:
  2. There's a lot of info in the threads above like the reference catalog about pricing, ect.. :flowers: If you don't want to buy from a reseller your best bet is to go to the store I think. I used to drive 4 1/2 hours to the nearest Hermes until we moved closer. :shame:
  3. If you're not in town and show a sincere interest, they will help you but it will not happen overnight (most likely) It does help to become a regular client. I'd make a road trip, visit the store in person at least one time and meet a SA that you "click" with.
    I think your Birkin choices are wonderful! A 30cm in Togo is around $6800 and Chevre is a few hundred more.
    Good luck and hope you stay and drool with us or ask any more questions you have!!