How does one actually GET a Birkin?

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  1. Not that I would be buying one soon (or probably ever - I'll be lucky if I could afford an H wallet ;))

    But I remember reading something on here once upon a time.
    About how it was like getting into a private club.
    You can't actually 'ask' an SA to buy one - you have to be approached - all very cloak and dagger.

    But then I see ladies who are like 'I went to H and bought 3 birkin today.' so I'm like huh?

    Could someone please explain to me all this mystery?

    Thanks =)
  2. I have no clue..I'm stilling trying to find a birkin..any birkin..It's very very confusing:confused1:..and I want a new one but I never travel and live in a country with no Hermes. Would love some advice as well!
  3. It's all about building a relationship with an SA.....or buying from recommended resellers on eBay!
  4. It also depends where yoi live.
    In France it's easy, you just get into a store and ask if they have any Birkin:yes:
    In other countries you have to bird a relationship with SA. :yes:
  5. Nyria! It is so good to see you in the H forum. Hope you stay awhile and explore the Orange side!:nuts:

    (In case you don't remember me, I'm the one that had a ton of questions on the LV St. Cloud, last winter.)
  6. LOL - but of course I remember you ;)
    I peek in here a lot but I don't have much to say - except - WOW.

    I've only ever seen a birkin once IRL - I was in vegas and there was this lady in one of the stores - she walked by me with her orange Birkin and I stared hard - then I almost knocked over a bunch of purses. My friend started laughing and I muttered 'Birkin' - that was about it LOL
  7. ^^^ LOL!! Love it.....I still stare at women with Birkins :shame:
  8. Mooks, me too !

    Yup, if u ever visit Paris, just walk into the FSH store everyday and I can say u would definitely be able to get one. I did that.
  9. Build a relationship, they're not as frightening as they seem!
  10. Fly to Paris and visit FSH for a couple of days.
  11. You can't just buy one? You need to have a relationship with a SA first?! :blink:

    What if I don't live near a store, and so can't wine and dine my target SA? How does one build a Birkin-yielding rapport with someone they don't even know, just so that they might be bestowed upon the priviledge of being allowed to spend tens of thousands on their products? :shrugs:

    Hahahaha, and here I was all this while thinking Hermes stores were shops!!! :rolleyes::blush:

    Anyway.. I want a Carmencita. I take it that for such a small item there's less relationship required? What say I just walk in with a white rose to present to whoever's behind the counter there, could I then buy my Carmencita? :flowers:

    Sheesh.. I can't believe I was nervous about going into a LV store first time! :nogood:
  12. Wine and dine a SA? No.
  13. Call the Charlotte store in the US. Check out the inventory thread in the H shopping sub-forum.

    You're in Australia, right? I don't think the stores will do a charge-send. So, your only chance is to make a visit to a H store, in Melbourne, Sydney, or Gold Coast. Or use a Aus-based reseller on eBay???
  14. Nyria, LOL! It's like entering into the mystery world of H, isn't it? The experiences you read about many H tPFers with such luck in scoring Birkins are from customers who are *NOT* H newbies. Some of these ladies have been H customers for years.

    There have been tPFers reporting tremendous luck in scoring a Birkin as a walk-in but these are few and far in between. And in the next year or so, I think it will get harder. H will have several new store openings, and more Birkins will have to be diverted there. Like what I have heard, the pie just got smaller.

    Generally speaking, I think it's relatively easier to score Birkins these days than a few years ago. (not applicable to Asian markets)

    If you hang around the H sub-forum for a longer time, I think you will get a fairly good idea, which stores will offer walk-ins Birkins, and which stores wouldn't. The larger stores with a strong clientele to service, will always keep the Birkins for their regulars. I am of the opinion that when supply is more than demand, some Birkins will make it to the shelves.

    But yes, I think your chances of scoring a Birkin are higher in Paris. But choose the time of year well, and also the time of visiting the stores. (read these stories from tPFers who made it!)
  15. Everything said above is absolutely true: but one can get lucky! I was in Munich about 1 month ago, and I walked into Hermès ( I had never been there before) and there was a 35 Barenia/Toile Birkin on the shelf, which ANYBODY could have bought! I asked the SA if it was available and she said YES!!!!! So if you travel, especially in Europe, you may get lucky!!!!