how does NM tax work? >>

  1. if i bought something from white plains NY, and have it sent to pennsylvania, should i have been charged tax? i thought all out of state are tax free? someone clarify this for me please..thanks
  2. You are always charged tax if there's a store in your state.

    If you lived in TN and ordered from NM, they wouldn't chrage you tax since there's no NM in TN.
  3. but that's odd, there's a Saks in pennsylvania but when i have orders shipped there, i've never been charged tax.
  4. You should have been charged tax by Saks as well. So long as they have a store in your state (which both NM and Saks do), you should be charged tax.
  5. really? but i've also bought from neiman once before and they didn't charge me tax. i'm very confused by the tax law in the states.
  6. I can't use NM because a long time ago there was one in my state and it closed but a new one is opening in 2009 so even though the store does not exist here they said they would charge me tax.
  7. takeoutbox,
    Is your local SAKS has a Chanel boutique/department?There is a SAKS here where I live but no Chanel. All my out of states orders from Saks with no taxes so far.
  8. saks has a completely different arrangement when it comes to tax laws. They have a list that they go by which determines if you are going to be charged tax if having it sent out of state. Based on the relationship and tax laws amongst the state recieving your order and the state where the item its going to, you may or may not be charged tax.

    Neiman Marcus will charge tax depeding on if they have a location in the state the bag is going to. If so, you will be charged the local county tax in your zip code, otherwise no tax. Same thing with nordstroms, they will charge tax is there if a Nordstrom in your area.
  9. i don't get why saks is different, i guess this makes it easier for me in deciding who gets my business. there's a saks in the city that i'm sending these bags to, but yet i don't get charged tax, whereas there's no nm in the city but i get charged tax. oh well, guess saks will get one more loyal customer. i like my SA anyways. tks for clarifying this for me
  10. yes there is a chanel boutique in my local saks
  11. Since there is a NM and Saks in PA you should be charged tax, but I know that sometimes SA's ring the bags up as "gifts" and are able to circumvent the sales tax.

  12. yes... saks tax is weird....
    i ordered something from san antonio and didnt get charged tax. I ordered something from troy, i got charged tax.
    It is very weird... but now that I know san antonio does not charge me tax, I only shop there.
  13. Neimans always charges sales tax.
  14. If Saks doesn't charge you tax and there is a Saks in your state, they are not in compliance with the law. Unless they have different companies owning each store.
  15. Whenever I order a bag from Saks the s/a includes a gift receipt. Sending the merchandise as a gift avoids tax. A NM s/a did it for me when I purchased my Outdoor tote. My Nordstrom s/a will not do it. She is the designer accessories manager in Seattle and told me store policy will not permit sending merchandise as a gift as a way to avoid tax.