How does Money Order payment work?

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    A nice lady contacted me yesterday expressing extreme interest in a pair of expensive shoes I had just listed. They are EU/39. She inquired whether they run true to size as she wears US 9.

    Long story short-she requested money order payment. I decided to accept on the basis that she has 200+ fb with a 100% rating. Since I have no experience with this form of payment I decided to pick the brains of those more knowledgable--namely you guys! Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  2. If she is outside of your country make sure she sends an international money order so you can cash it. Once you receive it and cash it, you send her the shoes.
  3. Thank You bnjj! I know I sound naive but I want to avoid any mistakes. Should I route it through my bank account to make certain everything's in order or cash it at the financial institution upon which it was drawn? Your information regarding global trade is also very useful as I have a prospective buyer who resides in Australia requesting the same payment method on a different item.
  4. I accept money orders all the time and if she has a feedback score of 200+ then you should be fine. You could always ask her for a post office money order and you can cash it at the post office, that way you don't have to wait until it clears your account.

    Also you won't have any paypal fees which is always a plus.
  5. I just deposit MO's through the bank machine and the bank staff do the conversion from US funds to CDN and credit my account accordingly.

    The only reason I don't include it as a payment method on all my listings is because I've heard so many tales of scams, forgeries, etc. Are those concerns valid?

    THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
  7. I love when people send money orders when I'm the seller

    If they dont' like something they have no recourse with paypal or a cc company, they accept all of the risk.

    It's great!
  8. Like with any form of payment you just have to be careful.
    You hear a lot about the scam where someone sends a Western Union check for thousands of dollars and asks for it to be cashed for them, etc. I cannot imagine ever falling for something like this, but unfortunately there are many gullible people out there who fall victim to this.
    You will also find some buyers who refuse to use paypal or make purchases using their credit card online. Not forgettting those who perhaps don't have credit.
    If you do decide to take money orders/cashier's checks then make sure to cash before sending the item.
    Personally I'd much prefer everyone pay with a MO!
  9. Just make sure the money order clears your account before sending item. 7-10 days is usually enough here in the States. I would just let the buyer know you will ship as soon as that happens, unless it is a USPS money order and then you can just cash it at the post office.
  10. Postal money orders are the best!!