How does LV afford to give us all these boxes and wrappings ?

  1. Hi, I was just wondering how LV affords to give us all these boxes. I know that there must be a certain amount of money put aside for these but arnt the bags a fixed price ?? and by LV giving out boxes, its making the bags not a fixed price. I do like the boxes Im not saying they should stop them but Im just wondering. Isnt the tab on the pull boxes leather ??. I showed my dad some of my LV's the other day and he said that they must spend lots on boxes and gift wrapping. what do you think ? :smile:
  2. There is so much profit built into these bags that they don't even blink an eye at the cost of one box. Even with the leather pull tab, it's still just a box and when you are mass-producing them I doubt they cost more than a couple dollars.
  3. They can afford to do it b-cuz the prices are jacked up so high. An LV bag does not cost a fraction of what they charge us to make it. I don't know exact profit margins but I am sure they are huge.

    I'm sure they couldt care less about the boxes and how many they give away
  4. I'm sure the boxes and whatnot don't cost that much to make and, as has already been said, the profit they make off the bags has to be huge(especially with the constant price increases).
  5. They are made in china, and EVERYTHING we get is taken into consideration when price is determined. Customer service, wages, boxes, web-page costs, the hotline, repairs....
  6. Are you kidding? With the markup they have on their bags they could probably afford to give out two speedys for the price of one, let alone a cardboard box and some ribbon!
  7. although it's sad to think, the cost of our beloved LV bags is a fraction of what the retail price is. They can afford to lose a tiny amount of that gross margin with the boxes and wrapping...
  8. Well, here is a flash...I just got my new Manhattan PM this week and it has a cheesy dust cover in the box. Merely sewn around the edges with a serger!! No nice casing with drawstring, just an envelope fold over. My Neo Speedy has a lovely bag. I was told that these are the new dust covers. I phone LV and told them at the price of the bag I expected a dust cover of quality to cover it with. I sew so I know that the price differential is not that much. Shame, shame! And now they raise their prices...
  9. this may have something to with it
  10. All the boxes, wrapping and paper bags are part of the luxury goods experience and that's factored into their image and marketing costs. They make way enough profit per bag to justify it.
  11. UUUHHHHH!!! Have you seen the prices of LV lately?- they need to be giving us gold-plated boxes at this rate!!!
  12. I think it is the least they can do for us considering their large profit margins;) .
  13. I actually think they should do a little more and give us beautiful embroidered dust bags made from finer materials and boxes better suited for the size of our bags. The packaging is just as important as the product.
  14. Yes... I really think LV is losing money by giving us free boxes with our 100s and 1000s dollars worth of purchases. :whistle: