How Does Louis Vuitton Put the LV Letters on Their Items

  1. Today I was looking at my sisters multicolor speedy 30 and it got me thinking how does LV put the font and flowers on the bags. And how does it stay on with out rubbing off. Do they use ink, or laser printing??????????
  2. Its silk screened on there, and yes over time they will rub off.
  3. Can you educate me on how the silk screen process is done...
  4. Are you going into fake making? LOL

    I don't really know if people would like to explain "How To Make A LV 101" because of all the fakes...

    Not saying anythnig specifically to you, but I know it was mentioned before.

    You could probably find the info on the web somewhere...

  5. Only someone from the LV factory could possibly tell you that. I doubt anyone here is privvy to that info.

  6. ^^^

    IheartCoach, definitely has a point !!!!!!
  7. silk screen process is not exclusive to LV im sure you can find out
  8. its silk screened with some machine, the birth of modern luxury shows a lot of info on how its made.
  9. Omg nooo lmao..:roflmfao: I am not looking in to making fake Its because I have a great gift idea for my friend.. I wanted to put her initials on a bag I am going to buy for her. White bag with black font on it..But i am worried it would rub off quickly..
  10. ^^ I was going to take in my mono speedy to get some stripes and my initials done at the boutique. The LV boutique sends bags to an artists that does it on the trunks. When the manager showed me hers, it still shows rubbing even though she's very very careful. The artist might have used an acrylic paint but because it's on top of the canvas, it will rub off easily. So that's another route you can take. You can ask the boutique near you to see if they can get it sent out for ya.
  11. I have seen a video in the you tupe .com in which i have seen how the MC produced
  12. What a great idea for your friend, how cute!