How does lindy weigh when empty?

  1. To lindy owners,
    Is the lindy heavy when it's empty? How does it compare to balenciaga giants? I've only carried a birkin and I find it very heavy.
  2. What size of the birkin are you carrying?if its 30cm/25cm its light,but if size 35cm and in clemence Yes it's heavy..
  3. My lindy 30 is a similar weight as my birkin 30.
  4. My 34 clemence is 1.2 kg, or 2.64 lbs, I used a food scales which is not exactly accurate. I think it could be a bit more.
  5. Depends on the leather. My Lindy is in swift, which is not has heavy as clemence.
  6. The Lindy's not heavy, I think if someone said for a 34 it's 2.64 lbs, that seems right, but remember also its shape is not as streamlined. It never lies flat like many other bags and that's also a consideration for some.
  7. I found the Lindy to not be too heavy and I am sensitive to weight - maybe it is the way it is carried so the weight is distributed more evenly.
  8. My Lindy 30 is in Clemence and I find it to be much lighter than my Togo birkin 35. I don't have a giant HW balenciaga, but I find that H bags are generally heavier than regular hardware B bags.
  9. My Lindy 30 is lighter than my Bal PT GHW.....
  10. Depends on the size and leather of each bag.
  11. To give you a reference, my lindy 30 clemence is weight about 1050g, which is similar to be my box B35. In Togo B30 weight about 860g with the same kitchen scale! So depends on what size /leather u are looking, and what size bag u normally with! Lindy is heavy to me, but it can wear on shoulder, so it is not that bad!!